The Makeover

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Ugly. That's what she was. And then a year later, she's stunningly beautiful. Beautiful is an understatement actually. What do you do if the girl you teased is suddenly the hottest thing to ever walk the earth? Addison learns that when you suddenly become drop dead gorgeous that people aren't always what they seem.
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And I'm sorry if I can't read your comments. A lot of them are mean and I just want to smack the person who wrote them in the face. 
Oh, and I am happy to announce this book is undergoing EXTREME editing in like a week. When summer starts. Get pumped!
loveyou671 loveyou671 4 days ago
He's gonna come later on in the story  #spoiler lmao just kidding
I hate it when you're surrounded my couples acting all cutesy and stuff...........::and then there's just me who's singing SLSP with an air guitar 
-_- #foreveralone
sammiluvslife sammiluvslife 6 days ago
this guy proposed me when i was like in 1st grade! with a ring pop of coarse! he was like "i luv you (my name (i want it to be private)) will you promise to marry me when i grow up?" and i was like "wtf is wrong with you?"
hayley190603 hayley190603 7 days ago
Am i the only one that just thought of leo valdez from the heroes of olympus cause shes the seventh wheel
awalla awalla 8 days ago
Actually running backs are usually solid and stockier because they have to run through defensive linesmen. With long legs he'd be a wide receiver because they have to run far down field to catch the ball.
izzyshearer izzyshearer 8 days ago
My whole family call me a hobo co of my I care? Nope this shiz is good character building stuff