The Makeover

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Ugly. That's what she was. And then a year later, she's stunningly beautiful. Beautiful is an understatement actually. What do you do if the girl you teased is suddenly the hottest thing to ever walk the earth? Addison learns that when you suddenly become drop dead gorgeous that people aren't always what they seem.
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And I'm sorry if I can't read your comments. A lot of them are mean and I just want to smack the person who wrote them in the face. 
Oh, and I am happy to announce this book is undergoing EXTREME editing in like a week. When summer starts. Get pumped!
Cassie ( Cassandra) the one in your story is exactly My friend Cassie
Hehehehe I wonder what would happen if the janitor walked in the closet lol
I kinda feel sorry for her.... Who hangs out as couples? Seriously that's just wierd
*sighs* Complicated friendships just bore me to death, although I have a feeling that there might be a lot of love triangles (YAY LOVE TRIANGLES)
So he has that "swagger", yet he looks like a Bob Marley vampire; mkay, nah.
You were dumb enough to think you knew what love was when you were an eighth grader, sweet cheeks.