The Makeover

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Ugly. That's what she was. And then a year later, she's stunningly beautiful. Beautiful is an understatement actually. What do you do if the girl you teased is suddenly the hottest thing to ever walk the earth? Addison learns that when you suddenly become drop dead gorgeous that people aren't always what they seem.
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And I'm sorry if I can't read your comments. A lot of them are mean and I just want to smack the person who wrote them in the face. 
Oh, and I am happy to announce this book is undergoing EXTREME editing in like a week. When summer starts. Get pumped!
Our A is a 94-100, you public school people have it easier getting an A 
According to my friends I am a "nice" person and I think the same thing abt guidance counselors! I avoid them because they do not understand. They try but I feel uncomfortable so when I see one... I RUN.
I think the author decided to take a leaf out of Alexx's book and started spelling school with two 's'
maybe shes jake from state farm and alexx is alex from target
I was like that once...

then I took AP Language and Composition and tgen my only goal was to make a 78
you obviously aren't strong enough for that if you're already crying