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-Chapter Two- (No longer available)

2 pages, updated Jan 29, 2012PG-13
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Strong For The Both Of Us

Strong For The Both Of Us

1 page, updated Jan 29, 2012G
Really no way to describe this. . . </3
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The Killer in Room 212

The Killer in Room 212

12 parts / 26 pages, updated Feb 12, 2012PG-13Pictures
Murders? Blood? Pretty women? Oh yea, this is New york. Meet Ivy, a homicide detective and Brett, her partner, who wants to be more than just a friend... read more
20,226 reads votes 467 comments 217
Taking Back Zephoria

Taking Back Zephoria

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Dec 06, 2011
When The Conflict threatened to destroy Zephoria, a land filled with peace, all it's people fled to a land called Earth. Earth was a place where no magic existed and p... read more
741 reads votes 49 comments 16

Chapter Thirteen (No longer available)

2 pages, updated Jan 08, 2012PG-13
115 reads votes 6 comments 2