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Tara Savelo and Lady Gaga



Chapter 1 

An unexpected encounter.

It was just after Gaga's show in Romania. I was fixing my huge make-up bag and preparing my brushes for her next show, then Gaga walks in her dressing room, still wearing her robe made entirely of silk that she always wears when she performs Marry the Night and The Edge Of Glory, she looks so beautiful. "Hey Tara, could you help me with my heels? My feet are killing me.... Tara?". I couldn't help but feel speechless as she looked at me with that magical look on her face.  

"W-w-what?" I said in a shivering voice.

I hope she didn't notice me staring blankly at her.

"Oh dear, are you going deaf listening to me sing over and over again? Haha. I said could you help me with my heels please?" she jokes.  

"Oh, why of course, how could i get sick of listening to you? You're Gaga, the LADY GAGA and sorry, I've been thinking about stuff lately"  

I bent over to remove the straps off her 6 inch heels she had customized to be filled with lots of metallic thorns sticking out in leather, then she stopped me.

"Thinking about what? On how sexy I am?" she gags.  

"Oh Gaga, how can I stop thinking about how sexy you are?" I bantered. "But no, it's just that I've been liking this person for so long and I don't know if "he" feels the same way"

There was a 30 second silence then she puts out a scream.


"Oh God! Gaga! No. No. No. Nooo!" 

We both tittered hysterically causing Lane to open the door and ask  

"Are you two ladies okay?"  

"We're good Lane, you can close the door now." Gaga replied giggling. 

"I worry about you two sometimes." 

Lane closed the door with a mysterious look on her face. Then Gaga let out a not-so-loud scream "Whoo?!?!"  

"I'm sorry Hun, but I can't tell you yet." 

I reply making her pout her lips as a plead to tell her. But I still refused to tell her.  

"Fine, let's make a Monstervision later, it might just clear your head from all this stress your "love life" is giving you, just you, me and Freddie. Okay?" She said in such an angelic way. "Yeah, I'd like that." We looked at each other, each with a different kind of smile. "Whoops! I almost forgot about my fans! Gotta go meet them! I'll be back dear!" She leaves blowing me a kiss.

Oh my goodness, do you think she knows? I've been having a crush on her since she first hired me, but I just kept it deep in me. And I still can't tell her how I feel until she feels the same way. I'll just have to wait.

15 minutes has passed then she came knocking on the door, I still haven't fixed my entire collection due to over-thinking. "Tara? Can I come in?"  

I open the door then I see her glowing eyes staring right back at me.  

"Are you joking? This is YOUR dressing room, you don't have to ask." I smiled at her with such ease.  

"But baby, I might catch you doing something naughty" she then winks.

Wait, did she just call me "Baby"?

"Alright. C'mon Tara, let's go to the hotel and I'll make you some tea."

Gaga is probably the sweetest thing on Earth. She'll do anything for you, even if she knows she can't, she'll try her best.

So we head out of the stadium and get inside our black porsche, she then chooses to sit next to me and grabs my head and places it on her shoulder.  

"You okay Hun?"  

"I'm good Gaga."

She asks our driver to stop at the nearest go-mart, (which was inarguably 7/11) to grab some gum or some sort.  

"Tara." She whispers in her sweetest voice.

"Can you come with me? It'll be quick." she continues.  

"How could I resist you?"  

I reply hoping she doesn't suspect anything. It sounded innocent enough, at least i think it does  

"You can't." she laughs.  

We head out of the car hoping there aren't any paparazzi around.  

We safely get in the store as she then hurries to grab some condoms.

A crack occurred on my heart, knowing the fact she'll be doing "it" with Taylor, that she loves him so much and that she'll never feel the same way for me.

My heart beats fast as I blurted out, 

"Really Gaga? Surprising Taylor tonight?" 

"No. Remember? We're making a video tonight. Maybe next time. " she says with a wink.  

"C'mon dear, we don't want the paps to see you carrying that"

We head back to the car and drive off to the hotel.  

She hurriedly dragged me out just as we arrived at the entrance and to the elevator.

"What about our stuff?!" I ask in a confused tone.  

"They'll take care of it" she said as she puts a huge smile over her face while pressing the number of our floor.

She then runs out the elevator as we reached our level. "Hurry!" she shouts at me. So I frantically ran to her in front of our hotel room, as she puts the key through the golden knob, she had such a sweet look on her, I could just cuddle her.

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