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"Turned into a Mindless Girl" Mindless Behavior Story(ON HOLD)

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Chapter 2: T4T



Girls' driveway of their House in Charlotte



Kirsten :Did you girls pack clothes or your electronics??

Girls: Ummm.....

Kirsten:*shaking my head* Go get your clothes...

Jordan: Oh we brought that the electronics no.

Kirsten:*surprised* reaally???

Lia: Yeah you're bringing they're in your bag.

Jordan, Nicole, Jenice: ( >__>) Shut up....

Kirsten: *looks in bag* Really? Really reaally?

Girls: Yep!

Kirsten: Just get on the bus...

Jordan & Nicole: We call kitchen like usual!*run to kitchen*

Lia & Jenice: Top bunks! *dap each other and go to top bunks*

Kirsten: And I call my car then my hotel room see you girls at first stop?? umm..

Jenice: Virginia?

Kirsten: YEAH! thanks.

Girls: woow Bye.

Kirsten: Bye *she goes off the bus*

Jenice: Hey Dylan(bus driver) lets stop by Mickey D's!

Dylan: Ha ur funny!

Jenice: -_- dont take my sayings....

Dylan: *laughs* yeah we can stop by Mickey D's.

Jenice: Yaaay!

Dylan: *drives to Mickey D's* We here chicks!

Girls: *run out the bus to McDonald's* Hurry up Dylan!

Cashier: welcome to mc donalds what can i get Charlotte's Girls? *smiles*

Dylan: * comes in* What yall human garbage disposals want?

Girls:*glare at him*

Jenice: Large Fries!!!!!!! witha coke. Oh and I guess I'll have they disgusting cheeseburger...

Lia: Why you chose Mac D's then?? and Large fries with a sprite thats all.

Jenice,Jordan,Nicole: The fries duh!

Lia: oh yeah.

Jordan: BIG MONSTER!!! with a coke!

Nicole: Same!

Cashier: Okay thats $26.42

Dylan: *Pays Cashier*



A minute later



cashier: *gives food*

Mindless Behavior:*comes in*

jenice: *grabs food and runs back on bus when she notices them*

Girls: why'd she *sees them* oh...

Mindless behavior: Hey

Girls: Hi! 

Jordan: headed to Pennsylvania too?

Prodigy: Yup. So I guess we'll see you girls at the next stop in Virginia for practice.

Nicole: Yeah second time we're leaving our parents for tour.

Lia: And our brothers and sisters.

Nicole & Jordan: yeah whatever them too.

Ray Ray: I stopped counting after 3...

prodigy, princeton, Roc Royal :we didnt count at all...

Ray Ray: Oh...

Dylan: Well umm we have to go...

Girls: yeah what he said.

Mindless Behavior: ok Cool. bye!

Girls & Dylan: Bye! *leave to bus*

Prodigy: Roc what'd you say? She ran out of here as soon as she seen us.

Roc: *sighs* okay I said if she gives us a chance I'll-

Jenice: *comes back in and stands in front of Roc* No deal... Its not happening. The person didnt say anything!

Roc: chill! I'll figure it out. stop freaking.

Jenice: You better. *walks out*

Roc: that reminds me Prince you cant hear...

Prince: so its about me.

Roc: You know what forget it...



They ordered their food and got back on their bus.



Charlotte's Girls Tour Bus



Dylan: *driving and eating*

Nicole: *stuffing mouth and playing Temple Run*

Jordan: * drinking soda and texting*

Jenice & Lia: *watching disney on Jenice's iPhone  as they eat in her bunk*

Nicole: *stops playing and looks at jenice* Niecey what'd you go back inside for?

Jenice:*without looking at her*Oh just the bathroom.

Nicole: oh (thoughts:liar...)*continues playing*

Jordan: awkward silence....

Nicole: Tell me about it. *finshes food* I'm going on wattpad. Maybe Asia updated Soldier of Love.*goes on laptop on her bunk*

Jordan & Lia: ooh I wanna read too! *go on her bunk*

Jenice: *rolls eyes and continues watching disney with her headphones to tune them out*

Jordan,Lia & Nicole: *reading story* aww roc is so cute in this story!



9:51 PM



Jenice: *takes out headphones* Hey guys we should go to sleep. *looks down at them all sleep with the laptop next to them in Nicole's bed.* hmmm*plays Girls talkin bout on blast*

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