Unlocked Nightmares


(Bases off of my Tumblr RP, Unlocked Nightmares. http://unlockednightmares-rp.tumblr.com/)

Down inside the Ward, lies your greatest fear. It waits for you until night, when the lock falls off and the world shakes, when it can come get you. Do what you can to survive. You have your friends, weapons, and knowledge, but will that be enough?

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Elle Fanningas Gemma Welsh
Shailene Woodleyas Taitlin Amber
Annie Clarkas Kory Rowan
Alicia Josipovicas Jacinta Clark
Charlotte Arnoldas Rae Lyons
Isabelle Fuhrmanas Jaz Mitson
Chloe Moretzas Ainslie Hyatt
Morgan Eastwoodas Orailia Johnson
Kalia Prescottas Lacy Ivan
Louis Tomlinsonas Jake Jones
Alex Pettyferas Cryll Lennings
Tom Greenas Sawyer Blake
Niall Horanas Taian Cooper
Ian Nelsonas Ryan Messing
Alexander Ludwigas Trent Carrigan
Steven R. McQueenas Lenox Chadwix
Chris Zylkaas Smith Oliver
Samuel Tanas Cash Greyson

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