Good Deeds II: Karma - You get what you give


Author's Note: This is clearly a fan fiction from the original movie Good Deeds. No, I'm not tryng to be the next Tyler "Emmitt" Perry Jr. I just couldn't help "enticed" by Walter's unfinished story and what happens when Karma comes back to bite you!

Synopsis: The story starts a year later where Walter is trying to get his life in order. Determined not to let anything come between him - drugs or women - every day is a challenge to stay focus on business and not succumb to any addictions or distractions. Yet, all the backstabbing he has done to his brother, could possibly come back and destroy him... unfortunately it's right on the brink of getting possession of the one thing he wants in his life.. his father's company.

to find out about the original movie good deeds:

Story to start soon....

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Good Deeds II: Karma - You get what you give


Brian J. Whiteas Walter Deeds
Michelle Williamsas Gabrielle Carmen
Luke Gossas Thomas Mitchell
Samuel L. Jacksonas Edgar Moss
Phylicia Rashadas Wilimena Deeds
Tyler Perryas Wesley Deeds
Cuba Gooding Jras Khaliph

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