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It Aint All Bout Looks Sket !


It Aint All Bout Looks Sket ! 


Brandy-Galexcyy Complextion,Big Tits, Big Bumper, Really Pretty, Brown Eyes N All Sorts. Got 1 Brrudda,- Zayneee 17 N Onee Sis-15. 

Nancy- Choclatee Complextion , Light Brown Eyes Changes Too Dark Hazel, Big Bumper, Big Tits EveryTingg, Pretty N All Sorts Buh Not As Pretty As Brandy, Buh Jus Had Sum Click . Half Ghana, Half Jamican. Got 2 Brothers, Jamal 17, Donnel 19 N 1 Sis, Ny- 16 

Tyrone- Mix Racee Boom, Green Sharp Eyes, Fresh Shape Ups N All Sorts, Smooth Lookin Lips (Yu Can Tel He Uses Vasilinee) Buh Yehh, Ard Swaggah EveryTingg ! 

******Manyy Moree Descriptions Too Come****** 

(Nancy P O V) 

(8)We Movinn Lyk Di Light Jamicans Are Di Fastest Manh In Ours Alives(8)  

It Was 6.30 On A Saturday Mornin, I Was Ber Vex N All Sorts. 

Me: Helloo, Kmt ! 

Unknown: Wagwarn Smexcy 

Me: Kmt, Are Yu Gna Tell Mee Hu Dis Is ? 

Unknown: Its Me Babee, Yur Manh, Lool. 

Me: Loook Yehhh, Its Urrmmm, 6:30 In Di Rass Morning, Im Havin A Piff Dream Here, N Im Loookin Forwardd Too Goin Back To It, So If Yur Not Gna Explain Who Di Rass Dis Is N Gna Be Jokin Around Den Byeee ! (Soundin Vex N Shit) 

Unknown: Looooool Jam Manhh, Jheeeses Its Tyronee, Yur Booom Wen Yur Vex Uno Loool  

Me: Kmt What Doo Yu Want (Tryin Not To Sound Happs) 

Tyrone: Loool, Jus Belllin Too See What Yur Doin Todayy? 

Mee: (Gettin Happs) Urmmm, Not Much Babee, Prob Jus Jammin Wid My Kodees N Shoppin N Dah , Yuu ?x 

Tyrone: Ohh Seen Seen, Not Much Jus Wounderin If Yu Wna Link Or AnyTingg ? 

Me: Ohh Yehh Suree Babee, I Beg Yuu Bel Mee Latahh I Doin Suttin ! 

Tyronee: Sure B, LoveYuu x 

Mee: Yehhh, Wun  

Tyrone: Wun 

***I Locked Off Wid Out Even Sayin Love Yuu Twoo Loool Oh Well*** 

I Jumpedd Upp Dii Bed, Happs N Shit, Buh Inside I Was A Likkle Vex Dah Dis Breh Had Too Wakee Mee Upp, Owel, Hee Was Peng, I Hardlyy Knew Him Doee Looool Still. I Went Into Di Bathroom N Hadd A Bathh, Came Out Creamed Myy Smooth Skinn Wid CocoButtahh (DUNKNO) Put On Sum Red Skinny Jeans N A Black Vestt Topp, N Sum Black Dolly Shoes, It Was Durin Summer Holidays, So It Was Hot N Dahh I Brushed Back My Brushyy Afrcian Hair, N Put It In A Bun ! 

I Smelt Sum Nicee Food Being Cooked Down Stairs Soo I Decided To Check Wagwarn. I Rushed Down Stairs, Seein As I Was Hungree, I Got Down Seeing My Marjj Cookin Some Pengg Afrcian/Carribean Foood. 

Mum: Helloo Darlin Yuu Alright ? 

Mee: Yehh Mum Iam Finee . 

Mum: Yu Woke Up Early Today, Had A Bad Dream ? 

Me: Mum, Iam 13 Turin 14 I Aint Noe Likkle Child No Moree ! 

Mum: Kmt, Yur Stil My Likkle Nancy  

Me: Skeen, Can I Have Sum Food Pleasee Iam Hungree 

Mum: Are Yu Stipidd, Yur Not A Likkle Child No Moree, Make Sum Ur Self 

Me: (Mumberlin) Yur So Anoyin Manh Kmt ! 

Mum: Doo Yu Wna Say Dah Again, LOUD N CLEAR ! 

Mee: Noee, I Nver Sed Nuttin ! 

Mum: Yuu Bess Not Hve, Cuh Yuu No Yuu Wld Of Had Dutty Licks Round Yur Face ! 

Mee: Yeh Sorry Manh 

** I Walked Out Of Di Kichenn Ber Vex N Shit, I Went Upstairs, N Buckled On Dii Way Jheese !, I Walked Into My Rooom N Loooked At My Phone, 5Missed Calls, 5 Tex, 3 Missed Calls Was From My Gurl , Brandyy N Two Was From Tryronee (CBA TO EXPLAIN DI TEXT) I Belled Back My Gurl, Brandyy. 

Me: Yooooo  What Yu Sayin ?x 

Brandy: Dnt Talk To Mee, Ive Been Bellin Yuu Nuff  

Mee: Sorry Manh I Was Beefin Di Marj , Yuno How It Is Wid Desee Afrcian Marjs Manh 

Brandyy: Yehh Yehh Loooool I Geh Yuu Big Tym, What Yu Doin To Dayy ? 

Mee: I Duno, Buh Rembahh Dah Breh We Met On Di Buss Loool  

Brandy: What One Di Black On Di Blick One What One ? 

Me: Di Mix One Di Boom One Who Came To Sit Nex To Mee  

Brandy: Yeh Yeh My Manh Lool wbh (Waht Bout Him) ? 

Mee: If Yuu Say So, Lool Buh Yeh Yur Manh Wnts Too Link Me Loool ! 

Brandy: Wot Buh Hes My Man Nancy Yu No I Lyk Him.  

Mee : Buh Yuu Geh All Di Manhdem Brandy Dis Is My Only Chance Lyk  

Brandy: Tru Dah, Buh Yu Sed Yu Dnt Lyk Him Wen All Of Us Asked  

Me: Wun  

Brandy: Wat Do Yu Mean Wun Wer Talkin N Yur Jus Gna Cut Lyk Dah  

Me: Yes Ima Gna Cut Lyk Dah, I Wil Cal Yu In A Min Manh 

Brandy: Skeen, B Lyk Dah Den Kmt 

Me: Fine, Wun 

** I Cut Wid Out Even Waitin For An Answer, I Jus Sat On My Bed Ber Vex, Upset Different Emotions Goin Though My Hed, All I Could Doo Is Think Of How I Met Tyrone, 


Mee N Brandyy Wer Sittin Upstairs At Di Bak Of Di Bus Goin Shoppin, N Sum Piffys Jumped On Di Buss, One Of Dem Wer Blackk, One Of Dem Was Blick N One Of Dem Wer Mix Race. Dey Wer All Piff Im Not Gna Lie. Deyy Came To Sit At Di Back Aswel, No One Sed AnyTingg Di Bus Was Silence N Wen I Mean Silence I Mean SILENCEE ! Finally One Of Di Boomies Came To Sit Nex To Me, Which Was Tyronee,

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