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Ghost [Boyxboy]

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[This is a new paranormal/mystery boyxboy.  that means there will be a subplot of gay romance so if this bothers you please do not read.  I hope everyone enjoys this.  And let's not forget, this is dedicated to TheCookieMonster for wanting to read this so badly, she asked to vote twice! :D Enjoy! May<3]








Chapter One


Everything was getting blurry.


He wanted to scream, call out for help.

Anything to stop what was happening. 

But he couldn’t take a breath.  It was getting dark.


 Why was this happening?




Sean Hopple woke up that morning feeling the same as usual, bored. He dressed in his normal bland clothing, nothing to striking but at least it fit his personality. After getting ready he headed down stairs to grab a quick breakfast, saying hi and bye to his busy parents. Only receiving a slight nod from one and a non communal grunt from the other. Neither looked up from their tasks as their only son left for school.

Just another day of school for Sean, nothing exciting. No relationship drama or getting in trouble for talking in class. He hung out with a few different people out side of school, but he'd talk to them in between classes, sometimes.

Sean was doing just that, standing by his locker talking with some random buddies, when the strange boy caught their attention. His name was Quinn something, and he always seems to be in a conversation with himself. Like now. He was sitting on the ground by his locker it seemed, staring up talking to no one inparticular.

“Man that kid is a freak.” His one pal John stated.

“Yeah, like why doesn't he get some friends instead to talk to?” John's dimwitted girlfriend, Sally, asked.

“Uh, maybe 'cus he's a freak and nobody want to be his friend?” Chris, the last buddy near him, said in a 'duh' voice. “Any way, you guys wanna go bummin' tonight?”

The others nodded quickly, then Chris turned to Sean. “What about you?”

“Sure.” He had nothing better to do. Maybe a little entertainment will help liven things up.

After school finally ended, Sean made his way home. When he got inside, dropped is bag and moved into the living room, he was surprised to see his mother was actually home.

“Hey, ma.” he said, shocked.

“Hello.” She replied, distracted by something as usual.

“Uh, I'm going out with some guys from school.”

“Yeah, sure.” He didn't ask a question but this was normal. Sean wondered if his parents actually hear him, or just respond with something when they think it is necessary. Oh, well.

Making his way up stairs, he quickly got ready, making it back down again just in time to hear Chris honk the horn.

The three boys, and girl, drove around aimlessly for a while, stopping every now and then to do donuts in some random field or parking lot. After a while Chris started to swerve and take fast corners just for the heck of it.

They had just swerved left when a dog jumped out onto the road. Chris jerked the wheel right quickly to avoid it. So quickly that none of the others in the car had time to brace themselves.

Sean's head hit the side window with such force it cracked, causing him to black out with the impact.

The last thing he remembered was hearing the sad sound of a boy crying, but not of someone he knew.

When he came to, Sean was in a hospital bed.

“Oh good, your awake,” a nurse said while looking over some charts.

“W-what happened?” Sean replied after clearing his throat.

“You hit your head pretty good on your friend's passenger window. Seems you passed out from the blow. You do have a minor concussion it seems, but other then that you are good as gold. If you have any nausea or dizziness please to don't hesitate to come back in.”

After filling out his info and signing some papers, Sean was free to go. Never did see his parents. Sean briefly thought they might not have been called, but he figured they probably would be too busy to care anyway. Oh well.

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Liam Hemsworthas Sean
Andrew Garfieldas Quinn
Asa Butterfieldas Ghost
Phillip Seymour Hoffmanas Mr. Wallace
Cillian Murphyas The Janitor?

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