Problem with Beliebers {Bieber RANT}



(Most) Beliebers are the BIGGEST hypocrites, wait most are like 10 so let me tell you what a hypocrite is just in case. Hypocrite- A person who pretends to have virtues, morals or religious beliefs, principles, ect. That he or she doesn't actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. In other words you say one thing then do another. Now, before you stop reading and attack me hear me out! Maybe you don't realize you do this but you do, I read on here and everywhere Beliebers saying "Don't make fun of Justin just because you're jealous!!!" Of course normally its all spelled wrong and looks like this "d0n m4k3 fnu of justni bcuz ur j34l0us!!!" but I'm pretty sure that is what they were trying to say. Then their next, lets say tweet, is to Selena saying "I hate you, you're nothing but a whore." HELLO! You literally just did what you told others not to do. Am I really the only person that sees this? I am not a Justin Hater, I'm not even a Selena hater. I can honestly say the only celebrity I have ever hated is Miley Cyrus and I've grown up I no longer hate her just some of the stupid stuff she does. I actually like some of Justin's songs and I think Selena is a sweetheart. I'm not making this to have people hate me but I'm doing this for Selena and all the other Celebrities you bash. 

Now half of you that do this just realized you do and maybe even feel a little bad, good for you guys for admitting it to yourself. The other half hate me right now (so if you hate me guess what hun, you're in denial ;P) you are justifying every tweet or whatever it was you sent her. Maybe you are saying "Well she is a whore, she is a golddigger who only likes him for his money, she doesn't love him, she is a pedophile, ect" No honey, you are just jealous that she is dating him and you aren't. Selena isn't a whore because she isn't cheating on him, we have only heard about her dating like 5 guys tops. She isn't a golddigger because that girl was rich before Justin could even talk, she was on Barney and got paid for that. If she didn't love him do you really think she would stay with him? I get it he is "hot" but if I was being threatened and hated by half of the world I would dump the guy UNLESS I really loved him. The pedophile one is so stupid, she is like 2 years old then him, really? A pedophile? Have you ever dated someone 2 years older then you? (wait your like 12 you probably haven't dated someone) Well what about this you want to date Justin right? If he asked you out would you be like "Wow you're such a pedophile you're like 4 years older than me..." Hell no! You will be like "OMB!!! YES!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!" Double standards are an ugly thing so don't have them.

I don't mean to pick on Beliebers I know you guys aren't the only ones that do this, I just read a rant of someone saying to stop being mean to him. Someone commented on it saying he personally didn't really care for Justin, and her and another Belieber attacked him yelling. It was almost like a "You don't think what I think so you are wrong and a jerk!" kind of thing and it just blew me away, we have freedom of speech (if you are American anyways I don't know about other places...O.o) and you are allowed to say whatever you like. I support that 100% it doesn't frustrate me that you say those things to Selena or Justin or Miley or whoever you love to hate. What bothers me is when you tell others not to do it at the people YOU love, but then go do it to someone else that OTHERS love. You say Justin has feelings he reads those and it hurts him he is human too, well guess what so is Selena! So is Demi (for the jerks out there that like to message her and say she is looking fat or whatever; once I saw someone tweet just go start cutting again) when someone is unstable and trying to rise above SELF-HATE you don't push YOUR HATE on her too! Sorry sorry getting off topic, my point was when you are about to post something spitting hate pretend you are about to send that to Justin or Selena or whoever it is YOU love. Imagine them reading that I'm pretty sure if they ever seen some of the stuff you post to their friends if they ever met you in person they would never "fall" for you or even like you as a friend. They would be digusted with you. 


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Problem with Beliebers {Bieber RANT}

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