Mindless Behavior sex story


Yn woke up to ray next to her as she tried to get up without him knowing he put his arms around her waist and pulled her down very quickly
Yn: Damn i forgot he can feel when im tryin to get up

As Yn tried to still get up ray woke up. He looked at her and said
Ray: whats wrong
Yn: Oh nothing iv jus been tryin to get up but u pulled me down so i couldnt go nowhere duh!!
Ray: my bad babe I jus love u
Yn: i love u to
As you and ray got up and didnt go nowhere yall had weed that needed to be smoked
Ray: Babe come here
Ray:Smoke this with me
Ray:Once i get high the sex is incredible
Yn: okay then
Ray:(Smoked a joint )
Yn:(smoked half a joint)
Ray: Get ur sexy ass upstairs now and wait for daddy. mama
U walked upstairs and soon afterwards Ray came behind u.

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