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Holly and Hailey


Table of Contents 

Chapter 1 the big Move 

Chapter 2 Crazy Day 

Chapter 3 Were Here! 

Chapter 4 First Day at School

Chapter 5 Bad Day

Chapter 6 Sorry

Chapter 7 Not So Bad After All

Chapter 8 Concert Day!

Enjoy the Book!

Book 1 Holly and Hailey

Chapter 1: The Big Move

You know Cinderella, and sleeping beauty well heres another story it's about
two penguins that live in their own penguin world called Pengu, the two
penguins are named Holly and Hailey.  Holly and Hailey are the oldest of 42
Children named, Hannah, Lily, Michel, Mike, bubble, Chill, Popsicle,
Marshmallow, Blizzard, Antarctica, Mumble, Cody, Zac, Stevie, Steve, Lolly,
Lollypop, sourhead, lemon, water, chicken Joe, Ellie, lanai, Mamie,
Chocolate, Winter, Ice, Icy, Freezer, Mittens, Ice pond, Frozen, Scarf, Ice
pop, Freeze pool, Miley, Claire, Emmy, Ice burg, Clarissa, Chase, flame.
Holly and Hailey were the oldest, so they were most in charge.  One day in
the summer a horrible, most freezing, icy, slippery blizzard hit!  Everyone
had to move!  So they packed all their stuff and left.  There were 74 seats,
for the kids, the parents, and if all there friends were there, there were
seats for their friends.  Then the party begins.

Soon Zac got the disco ball and rap music but some girls wanted pop others
wanted jazz.  So they voted it was a tie.  The mom picked . . . rap won.
Everyone screamed and pouted RAP ALWAYS WIN!  So they danced watched TV
played video games.  But only Holly wanted to read so she went into her
little room she shared with her twin sister Hailey.  Every penguin shared a
room with someone.  She went on the elevator to floor 29.  Ah here we are,
said Holly.  Finally the music Faded.  When she unlocked her door Hailey was
already in there.  Hi Hailey, said Holly.  AH UH UM HI, said Hailey.  What
are you doing, said Holly?  Um nothing well I'm writing in my diary, said
Hailey.  About what?  NOTHING, NONE OF YOUR BUISSNESS, said Hailey.  Ok calm
down.  Fine, said Hailey calming down.  Here, she unlocked her diary and
flipped to a page.  It said . . . 

Dear Diary,

Today At school I got in trouble I've never gotten in trouble before should
I tell Mom or Dad?

Holly Flipped to another page.  DON'T READ THAT, SAID HAILEY!  But Holly got
a glance and saw . . .

Dear Diary,

I like . . .

But she couldn't see the rest.  Because Hailey shoved it out of her hands
and locked it.  Fine, said Holly!  And started to read.

Chapter 2: Crazy Day

         Soon it was bedtime.  And The Elevators were full.  Holly and
Hailey were glad they were already upstairs.  For some Penguins it took 30
min. to get up!  The Mom had to go to every little penguin's room and tuck
then in!  The car was like a cruise ship.  But they were quite rich every
penguin got a big bed, or a big crib, dresser, window, and table.  Sooner or
later it was morning.  Well it was 5:00 A.M.  Penguins rushed downstairs to
get on the wii, or computers first!   The baby penguins were crying, so the
mom had to tuck them back in. Some penguins didn't want to miss the
breakfast making!  The mom had to do everything.  All the dad did was work;
work all day long, no wonder why they're rich he doesn't even have any
breaks he's been like this ever sense they had Holly and Hailey.  Guess how
much bathrooms there are?  There are 20 bathrooms.  Each with a tub, sink,
toilet, shower, and clean towels.  Soon it was 7:00A.M most penguins were
up, except Holly and Hailey.  The Chefs they hired were cool the boys
thought it was awesome!  The chefs

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