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   I watch her, silently.

   She sits, staring into the distance, eyes unfocused. The rain falls on her bare feet that are rested on the steps. She breathes in slowly.

   I keep myself hidden behind some bushes. Clouds cover the moon, making it darker than usual. I'm undetected by her eyes.

   A light touch on my back makes me turn around. "Lydia." I hiss quietly. She looks up at me, blue eyes still showing flecks of red. Her blond hair tangled with blood. But does she care? No.

   "Are you going to do it?" She sneers. "Or are you going to back out...again?" She says this politely as if what she said wasn't meant to be harsh. As if what I am about to do isn't horrible enough. I never would have attempted this if I were still human. Human. The word now seemed odd to me. Strange even. Yes, I may look like one, but I am far from one. Humans are weak, I am not weak. Humans are fragile, I am not fragile. Humans are foolish, I am not foolish.

   And this girl, she is all of those things. She is human.

   I turn back to the girl, watching her sit quietly on her porch. Her eyes dancing with the rain. A smile tugging at her pink lips. She had no idea what would happen next.

   Light flashes through the dark. Now I can see her better. Her dark red hair is pushed over her shoulder, keeping it out of her face. Few freckles are splattered across her face. She's small, fragile looking. A loud crack follows the lightning, causing her to jump. She pulls her knees up to her chest, protectively. Her heart is beating faster. The blood pumping quicker. And her scent...amazing.

   I watch her, fascinated. I can remember nothing of being a human. I have no emotions, nor does this sound frighten me. Part of me wishes I was human still, but I always laugh at the thought. I am stronger, faster, better now.

   Lydia presses her hands to my back and shoves me forward. I stumble out of the bushes, but quickly regain my composure. The girl jumps up, alarmed. Her grey eyes scan the trees, until they land on me. Recognition flashes over her face. I watch her carefully as her mouth forms one word. One name.

   "Ashton?" My name.