Andy Biersack Imagine

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A BVB imagine

Chapter 1

You woke up to the sound of thunder in your dark room. Not realizing you left your window a crack opened before you went to bed. You got up quickly and shut the window almost slipping on the already wet floor. You went back to bed not knowing it was currently 3am. You lied down and quickly fell asleep.


As soon as you woke up, you realized my boyfriend Andy had called you a few times. You called back just to check up on him. He answered:

"Hey." You greeted.

"Hey baby! Im so glad you picked up! I just wanted to see how things were going with you and your parents." He responded.

"Oh um they are fine i guess."

"That doesn't sound to good, what happened."

"They keep yelling at me for no reason, I just makes me so sad."

"Aw baby don't be sad, I'm coming home soon. I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy."

"Thats why I love you." I said

"I love you too baby. I'll be waiting for you at my place ok? We could watch that new movie and maybe cuddle up later, sound good?"

"Sounds like paradise."

"Ok good, call me if you need anything, I love you."

"Ok i love you too"

We both hung up the phone at the same time. You love Andy. You kept saying that to yourself as you got dressed to go to his house. He had just got back from tour and you missed him so much. All of the love that he gave you was gone for 5 days. You couldn't live without him.

You grabbed your car keys and quickly pulled out of the driveway before your parents could stop you. You were so excited to finally see Andy after a week. You couldn't get him out of your mind.

Andy was waiting patiently outside for you. Smiling, you pulled up into his driveway. You got out of the car and ran to him.

"I'm the happiest girl in the world right now!" You said kissing him softly on his lips.

"I could make you even happier if you would come to my bedroom with me." He whispered seductivley.

"That would be great." You said biting your lip.

"Come on then."

You followed him into the house and up to his bedroom. Andy took your hand and pulled you roughly into the bedroom. He slammed the door tightly behind you two, causing the room to rattle. He shoved you on the bed, with a loose grin spread across his face.

He ripped his shirt off, the buttons popping off and landing on the ground. His toned chest glistened in the light glaring in the window. He took off your shirt in a swift motion. Then unhooked your bra with one hand and threw it on the floor. You undid his pants and he did the same for yours. He glared down at you, and within what seemed to be a split second, both our pair of underwear were on the floor. He grinned down at you with his deep voice, says "Let's skip all the bullshit and get to it."

He forcefully shoved his entire length into you. A scream would've ruptured in your mouth, but he planted a kiss on your lips just in time. He pounded into you repeatedly. It hurt a bit, but the pain was replaced with pleasure. A loud moan escaped your lips and Andy smiled. He continued to thrust into you. After about twenty minutes of continuos thrusting, he let out a husky groan.

"Fuck, I'm so goddamn close." He breathed out. "Me too" I moaned. A minute later you heard him yell. "God fuck!" In euphoria. He let go, as you did about 10 second later. He pulled out, and rolled to the side of me. He pulled you into him and you were engulfed in the warmth and love, radiating from his body.