Me, Jessie - A Zombie Story


1. Scars for Life

It was already night when I woke up next to my brother, he was dead. My brain was scrambled due the horrific day before. My dead parents wandering in the house looking for some fresh meat.

I was locked up in a small room where I hid from them with my brother. But that didn't last. He was infected, he begged me to kill him before he turned. I said to him I couldn't do it. He yelled at me that there was no other option. Common Jessie You have to do it, I don't want to turn and rip you apart, you have to do it for your own sake! I sprung into tears and started crying. "I don't want to be left alone", I said. Jessie you're strong, you will survive no matter what!

After that he began to search the room wildly and came back with a scissor. You know what to do Jessie and he put the scissor in my hands. He looked me wright in the eyes and I started to cry even harder. I could hear the zombies getting crazy over the sniffing sound I made. Do it Jessie I don't have much time left, I can feel it! I stood up and took my brothers hands. I will always love you Tom. "I will to" he answered. You're the best and strongest sis I've ever could imagine. You will do just fine. His eye started twitching and the spastic movements started to occur. It's time Jessie do it fast! I love you. That was the last he said before I jammed the scissor in his eye socket down into his brain. I could hear the scissor scraping on the bone of his eye socket, then he fell to the ground twitching like a dying rat. I fell on to my knees and started crying loudly, not long after that I sunk into a deep sleep.

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