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Fair Share of the Past (Editing Process)


Chapter Forty Seven


"anu ba kasi yon? why are you mad? Thats Jerome Lee by the way." sabi ko sa kanya nung binitawan nya yung braso ko..nasa poolside kami ngayon at sya nakatingin sa mga buildings ako naman sa likod nya.


"i dont care who he is. why the heck do you have a man in the house?!" he shouted. hala? parang sira ulo. i was about to answer when he cut me in. "Forget it! hindi ako interesado." he said with gritted teeth. okay. eh de di na ko sumagot.


"you know taking a man home is bad for your reputation! why do you have to do this!" he said again. nagpalakad lakad sya sa harap ko. i was about to answer again when he cut me in. "dont answer me. i dont care!" he shouted. tumahimik nalang ulit ako.


"Is that your boyfriend?!" napatingin ako sa kanya saka pinipigilang mangiti. ang kulit eh! parang pusang di maanak. sasagutin na ulit sana nung pinigilan nya ko "dont answer it! its none of my business!" tas nagpalakad lakad nanaman sya.


"why wont you answer me?! i'm right arent i? silence means yes? ugh!" tumawa na ko. epic! what he did is so epic!


"do you really want my answer?" i asked. hiding my smile.

"you think this is Funny! hell! its not Funny Venice! what will people think about you? that you're a lose canon?!" ngumiti lang ako sa kanya.


"why would they think about me like that? they wouldnt know Lance." i said and smile at him. "and besides. what is it to them?"


"Damn! why do you think like that?" he asked with gritted teeth.

"and why do you think like that?" natatawang sabi ko. "Seriously Lance. dont make a big fuzz out of this. i faced far worst issues than what you are telling me right now. and i dont have to explain myself to them. anu ba kasing kinagagalit mo?" i asked.


"Ugh! wala!" tumalikod sya ulit saken.


"Eh bakit ka nandito?" i asked.


"Leila asked me to check on you. seems like youre more than okay." umismid sya saken sa pagtataka ko. "i have to go." and just like that nilayasan nya ko.


"sabi ko nga you have to go." bumalik nalang ako sa loob ng bahay.




"Damn! nakakainis!" gustong gusto kong iumpog yung sarili ko sa manibela ng kotse ko.


sino ba namang di maiinis dun! i came early to check on her and found out that she slept with a man! ugh! akala ko ba mahal nya ko? ambilis naman makahanap ng kapalit! ugh!


i drove straight to my office. damn! images of her with that guy keeps on flashing my mind. ugh!


15 minutes na kong nakatingin sa malayo. yes! i admit! i'm so bothered about her having a new man in his Life. i cant take it!




"whaaat?!" i shouted. umatras tuloy si Dessa.


"Miss Alaine on Line 2 Sir." she informed me and went out. natakot ata. napapikit nalang ako bago dinampot yung telephone.


"Hello?" i said when i picked up the phone.


"Hi Hon. are you going to pick me up later?" she asked. damn! it almost slipped my mind. Si Venice kasi!


"Yes Hon. i'll pick you up. i'm gonna take you out to dinner." i said softly.


"i'll see you Hon. bye!" binaba na nya yung phone. napapikit nalang ako.

Venice been messing my senses.




"Hey!" Alaine snapped infront of me.


"Huh?" napatingin ako sa kanya.


"earth calling Lance. spaced out Honey?" umiling lang ako saka ngumiti sa kanya.


"hows Venice?" she asked casually. thats one thing i love about Alaine. she never gets jealous.


"in big trouble i guess." i said and bit my steak.


"Why? what happened?" she asked.

"she took a man in her penthouse. if the press finds out about this. lagot sya kay Lolo." ipinaling ko yung ulo ko para mawala sa isip.ko yung itsura nung dalawa. gustong gusto kong pumatay!


"She's old enough Lance. she can do whatever she wants." she said softly and ate.


"But she doesnt even know that Jerome too well! mamaya may gawing masama sa kanya yun! you dont know how naive Venice is!" napatigil sya saka napatingin sakin.

"Jerome? jerome who?" she asked. is it just my imagination or her voice really trembles.


"Jerome Lee." i answered. bigla nyang nabitawan yung hawak nyang kubyertos.




"Are you sure you're okay?" i asked worriedly. she forced a smile and kissed my cheeks.


"Drive safely Hon." she said and went inside.


pumasok na rin ako sa loob ng kotse ko and drive straight to a bar in Malate. i need to get Venice out of my system.

"Scotch on the rocks." i said to the bartender.

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