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WAIT... I thought romeo threw rocks at juliet's window... not the other way round!


I stood outside Parker Harrison's house at around 2 A.M. There was NO way I was going to do this. I took in a deep breath and convinced myself I would have to. It was a dare, and I'd made a bet with Mason that I could beat him when it comes to not giving up dares. Unfortunately, he knew my weakness for Parker, and tried to use it against me. Well it's too bad, because I'm not cracking. Not this time. We'd bet the usual, whoever lost would be the winner's personal slave for an entire week, and trust me, that week was hell. I heard Mason snicker behind me, so I shot him a glare.

I turned back to Parker's house, jealously wishing I could live somewhere as amazing as this. But no, the houses in Brooklyn were nothing compared to this. And even then those houses were better than the two bedroom apartment I shared with my mom, dad and my younger brother. It was a tight squeeze, but at times could pass as cosy. I looked up at the balcony and hated what I was about to do.

But I grabbed hold of the lowest branch on the tree outside, dragging myself up as I looked at Mason with eyes that said 'If you beat this, I will eat my shorts', which of course he had made me wear my shortest ones for this. And a top that showed way too much cleavage my liking. If Mason weren't gay, I'd be worried about his intentions when he asked me to stay round for the night.

Soon I reached the level of the balcony, and jumped across, landing effortlessly and as quietly as was possible. I was a gymnast, so my landings had been perfected over the years. I winced and said in a sing-song voice, "Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?" I was now forced to wait until he came outside. Great. Thank you so much Mason (NOTE THE SARCASM!). I heard the rustling of sheets, and the light was turned on.

My breath suddenly picked up as I cursed myself for accepting this dare. I was pretty sure this was worse than being Mason's personal slave. I closed my eyes and heard the door open in front of me, my eyes shooting open as it did so. Oh my god, he looked so sexy. His black hair was ruffled up, and he was... shirtless. All I could do was stare at his muscles, my eyes drifting from his face, to his arms, to his stomach. I had no idea he had a six pack... He wasn't so toned that it was disgusting, more like the perfectly toned body.

My eyes went back to his face, and I could see him smirking. "Is there something you wanted, or are you just here to stare at my half-naked body?" Oh... right, the dare. I smiled my most seductive smile, and bit back a laugh when he looked surprised. This was a side of me that no one had seen before, it was even new to me!

I just walked up to him, my eyebrows raised, and placed my hand on his chest. Okay, maybe I was taking the dare a bit far, but this was getting too fun. "Is there... something you want us to do?" I asked, tracing his chest as he was put in a trance. My finger went up to his cheek and I slipped my other hand round his neck. His face broke out into a smile, and not a seductive smile that matched mine, but more like a child who'd just been told Father Christmas was coming early.

That was then I completed the dare. I pulled him in and kissed him, expecting him to just push me off and tell me to get the hell out of here, but he didn't. Instead his arm snaked around my waist, his other hand tangling in my hair. I knew I should pull back, thinking about his one-night-stand policy. He hadn't dated a girl properly since his parents split up. He didn't know I knew about it, so I never brought it up, and I just carried on kissing him. Suddenly something sparked and the kiss became more passionate. We turned around and he pushed me up against the wall.

Then I realized Mason was probably sitting there watching this, so I pushed Parker off of me and climbed down the tree. I heard him shouting behind me, "What the hell? You kiss me like that and just leave?" I heard him hit something, but I didn't care. I was so embarrassed. Oh, my god, what was I gonna do when I saw him at school tomorrow?

"I've gotta hand it to you, Vi, that was class!" Mason said, whilst high fiving me. Then he looked deadly serious and asked, "Is he a good kisser?" I laughed, I mean, I knew Mason thought Parker was hot and all, but I knew the guy he really liked was Parker's best friend, Tyrone.

I glanced back to the balcony to see Parker still standing there. What? Was he expecting me to come back? I sighed as my phone rang. The number wasn't recognized, so I picked it up to see who it was.

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