Following A Phantom

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So, this is a poem that I had to write for English. I put no effort into it, which I think is evident from the standard of writing. Basically, it's a really crappy poem, so... enjoy!


Following A Phantom


It was a windy, windy night,

The moon was the only light,

From the bushes I heard a snap,

Maybe this was a trap,

A figure emerged from the wood,

It seemed to be wearing a hood,

It was clear so I couldn't tell,

But it shocked me so I nearly fell,

I ran to hide behind a bush,

It floated, seeming to be in a rush,

It moved towards a nearby tower,

In it's path drooped every flower,

I followed it towards the door,

It's feet weren't even touching the floor,

When it opened the door it didn't make a sound,

I walked through and my heart started to pound,

I looked around but it seemed to be gone,

From the ceiling a bright light shone,

From behind me I heard a thwack!

And that's when everything went black.


So, that's it. If there are any typos, please tell me. I'm going to put this as thriller even though it's not very thrilling, just because it's about a ghost, thank you for reading :D 

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