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Cross Acadamy ~ch. 1~



That word alone can make people scream in fear. When I was little, I used to get freaked out every time a new school year came around. Now I can't for the life of me remember what the hell I was so scared about! I had absolutely nothing to fear! I had all of my friends, my three best friends, and the best teachers a kid my age could wish for. Now my ninth grade year is here and I have moved to a new school where the only person I know is my best friend/ soul sister Emma. I guess I shouldn't be so depressed because she's there but I'm still gonna miss my other friends and my little sister.  

Oops. I forgot I did all of this for Emma! CUE FLASH BACK!!!

"Emma!" I yelled from across the hall way. I came in for my Super Special Bear Hug Attack. It was just after school and we were going to her house to celebrate the start of winter. My favorite season.  

"Get off of me!" Emma yelled and did her special move to get me off. It worked.  

"That's not nice" I cried. 

Emma just laughed and then suddenly stopped and stared at me with one of her sad smiles. 

"What's wrong?" I asked suddenly on edge. I couldn't stand that smile.  

"Whoa! Why would there be something wrong! I'm just happy you're coming to my house today!" she laughed. I decided to ride it off as nothing serious since it WAS the first day of winter and I wanted some SNOW! 

The rest of the day Em and I went out to her back yard and played in the forest the back yard had. We climbed our favorite tree and just talked and talked. I told her about my day and she did the same. We laughed like normal and we talked like normal. It was only when my Brother called Em's mom to tell me to go home. On the way there, something familiar hit my leg.  

"What the-- oh its you!" Emma's smarter than most human's dog Coco was scratching my leg and whining. She had a note in her mouth.  

"What's this Coco?" I asked but she was already running back to her master's home.  

"Dear Janie," I read "I wrote this letter to tell you that I am moving to a special school for people more... advanced. I couldn't bear the thought that you would know this the whole time and I would have to back out of this. Understand that I don't want to do this; they're forcing me. I knew it was only a matter of time till they found me and took me away. I figured if I had to go, I could make something useful out of it. They give my parents money, Janie! Money! I told them to save our school so you wouldn't have to go through the extra trouble of going to a city school. I just want you to stay exactly how you are. Remember that no matter where I am I will always think about you as a sister and I will always love you. Please take care of my family and our forest. I'll miss you so much! But just for me, keep on smiling and doing your best like you always do! Love Em."  

I was so sad. I had such an empty feeling running all through my body. For the first time in a long time I actually felt alone. I felt scared and mad. I decided to focus on that anger instead of the fear that I would be alone now. My brother was already coming to look for me and found me on the side of a road lying down.  

"Oh my gosh! Janie are you okay? Are you hurt? Did somebody hurt you?!" he kept shaking and shaking me. All the while I just cried and cried. He finally noticed the note locked within my hand and grabbed it. He read and re-read it then, finally after what seemed a lifetime he spoke.  

"Janie, I'm... sorry." he whispered and then he started crying. Never in my entire life had I seen my brother cry. He was crying for me. Sharing my sadness with me. I hated it. I got up and started the walk up to my house. I did not want to share such sad feelings with my only brother. He didn't deserve it.  

In the morning, I got dressed walked to school super early sat in my seat and waited for my last class to roll around. The class I had with Emma. From what I figured she was leaving today. When my last class did roll around Emma wasn't anywhere in sight. At first I thought she was just late to class as usual but when five then ten then fifteen minutes passed, I panicked. Did she leave during the middle of the day? Did she leave without saying goodbye to her best friend?  

I ran out the classroom and went straight for the office. Thankfully I saw Emma through the windows. Her mom was there and she was crying. There were two strange men that had black suits on and looked as if they could squish my head. How was I supposed to trust them with Emma?

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