The Jack In The Box


So here's the story about this girl Jenna,

And If I do say so myself, it's pretty dam creepy.

So one day, with her mom, Jenna went to the toy store to buy herself a new toy to play with, she was pretty bored of all her dolls.

Jenna searched the store for almost an hour before finding anything that caught her attention, a colorful, noisy, Jack In The Box.

Jenna was overjoyed when she got home, she wanted to play wit her new toy. She poked it, twirled the handle and listened to the annoying little jingly song, and waited for the Jack to pop out of the box, but it never did. She then, being her personality quite rash, smashed the box against the red brick wall of her playroom in her frustration, and cracked the box.

Jenna stared at the small crack on the side of the colorful box, thinking of whether she should pull at it to be able to peek inside better, to see if there was actually a Jack In The Box inside, or see her father to fix the crack. Jenna chose to just leave the toy in a corner and went back to her boring old dolls while she tried making up stories that she already hand't created.

After a couple of hours, Jenna heard a strange noise, kind of like the tinkling of a very faint bell. She looked around the room and all she saw was a couple of toys and her Jack In The Box.

Jenna turned back to her dolls and continued playing with them, a few seconds later she heard the noise again. Twisting around to face the room, she saw her toys and . . . There was no Jack In The Box.

Jenna feeling confused dropped her dolls and looked around the room, she couldn't find the Jack In The Box. Ignoring the nagging feeling in her gut, Jenna bent down and picked up her dolls and continued playing with her dolls once more.

All of a sudden, Jenna heard a dragging noise, and a tune that she was suprised to here. Jenna put her dolls down, and turned around, and screamed.

Standing in front of her, about 3 feet shorter than her was the Jack In The Box, holding a very large knife. Jenna tried to scream, but the Jack In The Box was too fast.


Later that night, Jenna's mother called Jenna up for supper, but Jenna never came. Jenna's mother went into Jenna's room to get her, because she was worried, and when she opened the door, she was terrified of what she saw.

Poor little Jenny was . . . Ruined. The lower part of her body was gone, cut cleanly off, and the top of her was shoved into a small plastic box, and Jenna's face was covered with cuts, making it look like sickly drawn make-up.

No one ever went into that room again, and the Jack In The Box was never found.

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