My feet are pounding against the pavement
They scream as they come in contact
with the hard cement
And with each impact
blood spits...........................

I turn around
to come face to face to the real world
it stares me straight in they eye
like I was it's prey
I turn to run
but it's too late

My body sinks through the ground
like quicksand
all I could do is wait

wait for a miracle
wait for a chance
to stop running

But it's what I'm good at
so I run
deep into forest
past the place which used to be our spot
through the field in which we used to play in

To my house
my secret hiding place
where no one is allowed in
or out
except me

I hear your excuses
but i plan to ignore
for the pain is too much

my heart aches for such love
but knows it's unreal
I don't want to hurt you
but that's all I have to give

How I wait for the world to just stop spinning
to give me a chance
to change my past
to ready myself for the future

Alas my feet stop moving
my heart stops beating
the warm winds surround me
as I wait

I looked down to see my fate
I'm on the edge and it's up to you
to catch me
before I jump

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