Secret Millionaire


Secret Millionaire

Chapter One


 I glanced over to the clock on my desk yet again. Only three minutes had passed since the

previous time I checked the clock.


“How is that even possible” I muttered to myself.


 It was Friday and this last hour of the workday always dragged on; it was as if time had literally

stopped. At five minutes to 3PM I’m antsy to get out of this hell-hole.  Sitting in a cubicle day after

miserable day has started grating on my nerves.  I hate my job and the people that I work with;

unfortunately, thanks to my ass of an ex-boyfriend, I’m in debt up to my eyes and now I’ve been

forced to stay at this crappy job, calling number after number trying to get the person who actually

answers the phone to listen to me long enough so that I can try to sell them some worthless air

purifier, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t even work.


I glance at the clock again and praise God that it is finally time for me to leave. While gathering my

purse I hear the smallest of knocks on my cube wall.


“Um, sorry to bother you Serein but you are wanted in Mr. Johnson’s office.”


I turn around and glance at the frail, mousey, and unbelievably shabby looking woman whose

name I apparently cared not to remember.


“Okay, well, thanks….ma’am,” I tried to finish off as smoothly as possible. How is it that I don’t know

a single person’s name in this place? I wonder to myself. I walked down the aisle and knocked on

the last door on the left. I stood at the door shuffling from one foot the other while waiting for the

acknowledgement I needed to enter the room beyond.


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