Princeton Love Story(rated-r)


the park 

l;u going to the mb concert 

m;idk what's so special about them 

l; :-o u crazy they hot especially prodigy 

fine!!!I'll go 

l;yay ttylxox

At the mindless behavior concert 

l;im so happy we get to meet them 

m;(rolling eyes)whatever 

mb;(singing girls talking bout)MY FAV SONG!!!!!EVER IN THE WORD) 

Princeton look onto ur eyes and wink and smiles at u 

m;(blushes)can we leave now 

l;um yea but we gotta go to the meet+greet

Now back stage 

L;i saw u staring into prince eyes  

M;(Blushes)Sooo...he looked into mine's 

l;cuz!!!HE LIKE U!!!! 

meeting mb 

prod;hey beautiful what bring u here 


ray;NO I DID 

prod,roc and ray start arguing over l 

prince;hola mami 

m; hola papi 

prince; u speak Spanish 


prince,u wanna hang out sometime 


prince,bye sexy 


prince,(staires at ur ass while u walk away)ohh yea

At ur house 

u walk inside ur room and u had a txt from prince 

p,hey bae  


p,u want to come over 



m,my mom 

p,what happened 

m, mom is leaving to go to lv and she is leaving for two months and i gotta say in the house 

p,well...can i come over 

m,idc bring some clothes to ok bye 


(They being sarcastic in this part) 

The door bell rings 

m,who is it 

p,pizza delivery 

m,i didn't order pizza i only asked for a hot sexy cute guy  

p,just open the door 

m,ok papi 

p,(kisses u patently) i miss u 

m,lets go up stairs  

(10 minutes later) 


p,say my name 


p,say it louder 

m,ahh!!!JACOB FASTER!!!! 

he goes faster and harder 

p,(groans)ahh fuckk!!!! 

ur riding him now  

m,OMG FUCK!!!!!!! 

p,(thoughts)i know i just met her but she feels so fucking good on my dick 

m,(thoughts)prince dick feels so good inside me and its sooooo big 

ur back on ur back 


p,ur wish is my command(going harder) 

ahh!!!prince im gonna cum!!!! 

p,(groans)cum for papi 

he goes down to ur clit and cleans u all up then u guys Finnish 

both,breathing hard 

p,that was amazing 

m,ik i love 

p,i love u to  

he start kissing u and soooo on  

the next day 

i was on my way to school when i felt someone grabbed my waist it was my boyfriend 


m,what Justin(yea im making it Justin bieber) 

j,y u gotta ack like that  

m,y u don't care about me u just use me as a sex slave 

j,tried to slap u but ur bff tackled him 

ur bff,bitch don't u eva try to slap her or nigga ur dead 

j,gets up and leave 

mt bff,sorri but my name is aniyya im 16 and i have only alot of frendz im popular at school but mary isn't she's a nerd and she told me about her NEW BFF WHITCH IS A BOY!!!!!!!  

a,so whos this boy u al ways talk about 

m,his name is jacob but we call him........uuuummmmmmmmmmm 

a,what u call him...let me guess...AHHH,PAPI HARDER!!!!!!!!! 

m,nooo,ok kinda but its prince-gco 

a,Princeton from mindless beha-gco 

m,ssshhhhhhhhbh be quiet before paparazi come 

a,y didn't u tell me 

m,............cuz i thought u would be jealous 

a,well.......i am cuz u know i like him 


aniyya p.o.v/thoughts 

im gonna get me some blaxican if Mary let me meet him so when i do im gonna ruin her lyf (2be continueed?)

(after school) 

a,Mary I'll see u lata  


on my way to my house someone whispers in my ear saying 

?,hola sexo mamá 

m,proyecto stop combt that 

p,well damn sorro  

m,jk its cool 

p,let's go to my house 


we go to prince house and no one is there verry interesting 

p,so mami wats up 

m,nothing much 

p,ohh(he stares at u licking his lips)lets go upstairs  

m,ok papi 

u guys get up stairs and he takes off his and ur clothes off prince lays down y u suck on his dick 

p,ahh fuck Mami 


u do it for five minutes and ur riding him now 

m,ahh JACOB!!!!!!!!! 


you go faster but then u slow down 

p,ohh u ain't done yet 

Princeton flips u over on ur hands and knees and pound u as hard as he can 

p,call me daddy in Spanish 

m,OHH GOD,PAPIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

p,fuck yess!!! 

m,im bout to cum 


he pulls out Mr.Fenardo and goes to ur clit and lick u clean u guys go on for 9 more hours and u guys stop and cuddle with eachother and falls asleep

No one like my book so i think im gonna stop now jk lol <3

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