Time To Let Go

Time To Let Go

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Time To Let Go

Written By: AlluringPrincess

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You seem to be cold

Not like the old

The guy that I used to know

Is different now

Back when were together

Our love is like no other

Day after day I feel happiness

Never felt so hopeless

Reminiscing the memories at past

Thought that wouldn't last

Now, your love couldn't exist

Never dreamed to be like this

But now that you're gone

I wish you'd find another one

Someone you'll love sincerely

And someone who'll love you truly

Even if its hard, I don't want you to stay,

'Cause the hurt won't go away

It's just that maybe our hearts are not mend

And our story is supposed to end...


Dedicated to Jarra! kekeke~ Your so Emotera!

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-AlluringPrincess <3

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michijoe michijoe Nov 26, 2012
@TheNargels okay! I'm still learning thanks though :)) @bluecloudnine haha! pwede na din lol. :D
TheNargles TheNargles Nov 24, 2012
I think this would be better if it didn't rhyme.
                              Some lines felt disconnected since you had to mold them to fit the rhyming scheme.
                              The last line should be 'and our story IS supposed to end.'
                              Good job though.
xXxBroken_DreamerxXx xXxBroken_DreamerxXx Nov 22, 2012
Love the story :) but I think the last line is supposed to be 
                              'and our story is supposed to end' or it's supposed to be
                              'and our stories are supposed to end'
                              Other than that loved the emotion and the depth was great :)
antonette09 antonette09 Nov 22, 2012
omoooo T_T ang sakit sakit lang. pa dedicate po please? #Voted. dama ko ee TT_TT
michijoe michijoe Nov 22, 2012
@xxKayeRosexx what do you mean you're not connected? Ahm thanks btw... Im just new in writing poetry :)) @janegrey37 @HopeInHandfuls @xxSimmieAxx @AndrewClock thanks for reading and the compliment *U*
janegrey37 janegrey37 Nov 21, 2012
Its so sad but the same very empowering. I especially like the last  stanza