Hey guys, if you want to know a little about me:

-My hobbies include writing, drawing, and listening to music (of any genre, really)

-I am trans (he, him, his) but I'm still figuring myself out most of the time.

-I am also pansexual (What you are doesn't matter, I will fall for your personality - as long as you're human at least...)

-I participate in my school's marching band color guard and independent Altitude Winter Guard

-I write a lot of fanfiction, my favorite to write is Yu-Gi-Oh!

-I really love to talk to you guys and your feedback helps a lot to allow me to improve my stories and keep writing what you love!

-I'm really bad at updating regularly, but I promise to try to balance it with my busy schedule

-I promise I don't bite much, so feel free to pm me or shoot me a message on my message board!

-I am open to any critique, suggestions, or requests! I want to make this a reading place for everyone, and if you want me to update a certain story or you want to suggest a story for me to write, go ahead!


Follow my poetry blog at http://ineedyoutofreeme.tumblr.com/ I'll make your secrets into poetry if you just send me an ask there!

My main blog at http://theauthorsnook.tumblr.com/ it has some pretty good writing resources I've reblogged
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A very confusing relationship (puzzleshipping) *EDITTING*

Social data: 22.7K reads. 614 votes. 74 comments.

Description: (AVCR for short) *Warning boyxboy, don't like, don't read, Rated PG-13 just in case* What if Yami was just some guy who just happened to look almost exactly like Yugi? And Yugi just happened to run into him, and Yami just happened to duel him and be...


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Wishful Thinking ~Puzzleshipping~

Wishful Thinking ~Puzzleshipping~

9K 432 139

I never really thought about anyone falling in love with me. I was too awkward, too short; too shy. I wa...



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"You can call me Gee." "I was planning on it." I said. He smiled, "Then I'm gonna call you Red." M...

I Should Hate You ~LxLight~ (Revamped)

I Should Hate You ~LxLight~ (Revamped)

4.6K 238 41

~This is a rewrite of my old LxLight story, in order for me to continue it with new chapters and an impr...

I should hate you, you know (LxLight story)

I should hate you, you know (LxLight story)

85.7K 2.2K 1.2K

~Being rewritten as "I Should Hate You" Can be found in my works~