Hey guys, if you want to know a little about me:
      -My hobbies include writing, drawing, and listening to music (of any genre, really)
      -I am transgender (he, him, his) but I'm still figuring myself out most of the time. I keep my username mostly for the nostalgia.
      -I am also pansexual (What you are doesn't matter, I will fall for your personality - as long as you're human at least...)
      -I participate in my school's marching band color guard and independent Altitude Winter Guard
      -I write a lot of fanfiction, my favorite to write is Yu-Gi-Oh!
      -I really love to talk to you guys and your feedback helps a lot to allow me to improve my stories and keep writing what you love!
      -I'm really bad at updating regularly, but I promise to try to balance it with my busy schedule
      -I promise I don't bite much, so feel free to pm me or shoot me a message on my message board!
      -I am open to any critique, suggestions, or requests! I want to make this a reading place for everyone, and if you want me to update a certain story or you want to suggest a story for me to write, go ahead!
      Follow my poetry blog at http://ineedyoutofreeme.tumblr.com/ I'll make your secrets into poetry if you just send me an ask there!
      My main blog at http://theauthorsnook.tumblr.com/ it has some pretty good writing resources I've reblogged
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Wishful Thinking ~Puzzleshipping~

Social data: 11K reads. 554 votes. 181 comments.

Description: I never really thought about anyone falling in love with me. I was too awkward, too short; too shy. I was never handsome enough for the school girls; never gallant enough or brave enough. Even I knew I seemed more like a best friend than a boyfriend...

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"You can call me Gee." "I was planning on it." I said. He smiled, "Then I'm gonna call you Red." M...

I Should Hate You ~LxLight~ (Revamped)

I Should Hate You ~LxLight~ (Revamped)

5.2K 284 46

~This is a rewrite of my old LxLight story, in order for me to continue it with new chapters and an impr...

A very confusing relationship (puzzleshipping) *EDITTING*

A very confusing relationship (puzzleshipping) *EDITTING*

23.1K 615 75

(AVCR for short) *Warning boyxboy, don't like, don't read, Rated PG-13 just in case* What if Yami was ju...

I should hate you, you know (LxLight story)

I should hate you, you know (LxLight story)

88.8K 2.3K 1.4K

~Being rewritten as "I Should Hate You" Can be found in my works~