Hi there... you have entered my universe

The names Tessa 
15 years young 

Things about moi...

I am quadrilingual… Italian, English, Spanish, French

I am half-Italian (go Italy) and also French, British, German, and possibly Irish.

I used to ballroom dance

I play sports… soccer, volleyball

I am a very flexible person

I have 3 sisters… Alexa is by blood and Emma is too but she is my cousin… and Abby, although not blood, she might as well have been

I love all food except for some seafood and mushrooms

Music is my life… I turn my music on, I turn the world off

I am insecure and have trust issues

I want 4 pet turtles and I shall name them after the ninja turtles

I am straight as a ruler… thought I’d let you know

I want to travel lots of the world when I get older

Go check out Emma my cousin: 
Emma- @fashiongal678
Love her with my heart, she's like a baby sister to me… you hurt her, be prepared to die

love ya all... cheers to life
love your awesome, amazing, extravagant friend...

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Surviving the Unsurvivable Grey Boys

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Description: What would you do if one day, your family gets into a big plane crash on their way to the UK and they end up dying? What would you do if you had to go and live with the people that your parents were going to see in the UK? Now here's the most import...

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