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❝ E v e r y b o d y   i s  a   g e n i u s . B u t  i f   y o u   j u d g e  a  f i s h  b y  i t s 
a b i l i t y   t o   c l i m b  a   t r e e ,  i t   w i l l   l i v e   i t s  w h o l e  l i f e 
b e l i e v i n g  i t  i s  s t u p i d . ❞

- A l b e r t   E i n s t e i n

H e l l o  &  W e l c o m e  t o  m y  P r o f i l e 

I'm a totally normal and mentally stable teenage girl who loves to read and write. Music is my drug; only good music, not bad music because there's plenty of them. My favorite genre of music is mostly rock but I also like to hear other genres as well, however , I stay away from mainstream music as far as possible though there are a few exceptions. I also like to draw; mostly cartoons and anime but I'm also working on different styles. I should mention that I'm a history freak, like seriously, and I'm also into politics though sadly not that many people I know are interested in them.  

T h a n k   Y o u   F o r   R e a d i n g ! (/^.^)/ ♥ ♡

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