I really didn't think my imagination could turn into stories. I started writing in 6th grade, and now I'm here, writing stories I am loving unconditionally. I'm really hoping all 4 of my stories get recognized. 

Some actual stuff about me:
The color red mesmerizes me. My comfort zone is dressing all in black. I'm quite strange, but I've grown to accept who I am and don't care what anyone thinks of me. I refuse to take unnecessary crud from anyone, so I will stand up for myself. 

I'm a nineteen year old in college, and an inspired makeup artist and writer. Meeting new people is awesome. Message me, I won't bite :)

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Teen Titans: The Eternal vs. Mortal Love Story - Book One

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Description: (This story takes place prior to Season 3-Season 5 of Teen Titans.) My name is Amber Zar-El. I go by Amber Monroe on Earth. I'm a seventeen year old runaway. I needed to start my life over. I didn't want to keep running away from people, from my o...

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Teen Titans: The Beauty of the Dark - Book Two

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Undead Retribution (On Hold)

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@devonceexo No, Robin isn't Red X in this book, because when I started this book I started around the season 3 timeline, 2 seasons after Robin created Red X. Amber's anger issues are a bit crazy. Lol

As for tons, I think she exaggerates a bit because she's already paranoid after Lex. Well, in this book, yes. She's pretty much a paranoid teen afraid of someone she can probably fight off, but she doesn't seem to realize that at the moment.

And no, I'm not annoyed :) Lol I'll answer anything as best as I can, without giving anything away.

@SupFrankie Thanks! :) 
I thought about that, but honestly, I wanted to create a different couple. I love Starfire and Robin together, but there's aspects of their relationship that I felt were better off on the show instead of the fan fiction. With Robin and Amber, I wanted distinctive traits from the two of them to come together and make the couple work.