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Hi, I'm Neha Joseph and I'm 17 yrs old but act like a  5 yr old. :P

People think I'm crazy and I don't deny it...I am what I am :)

The  reasons as to why I continue to live on earth:

1.Reading...if you want me to read your stories, kindly leave a message and I'll read it but don't even bother  to ask me to read any of your horror stories. 

2.Music..and that brings me to my favorite artists :

             THE WANTED!!!...fell in love with that band after listening to Glad you came
             One Direction!! next choice after TW and I love this band also.
             Hot Chelle third choice.
             Taylor Swift,Selena Gomez,Demi Lovato,Joe Brooks,Christina Perri and many more...  

3.Movies!! my favorite movies are:

             It's a boy girl thing
             chasing liberty 
             Madagascar(all 3)
             Kuch Kuch Hota indian movie based on friendship and love,I cry everytime I see it.
             Made of Honor...really cute movie :D
             Titanic...all time favorite<3
4.Friends....without them I can't spend a day so if you feel like creating a friendship bond with me you can message me anytime and i'll reply back. :)

I have a sister  named Norah and she's the most annoying girl I have ever met and my friends would second that. :D

My favorite ice cream flavor is CHOCOLATE!! <3<3

I write stories mainly for the fun of it...who knows maybe it might even become a passion for me. :)

Everytime I go to youtube I always check out thecomputernerd01's always cracks me up. :D

My wattpad friends would be:
 @LivesToServe - she's the most sweetest person I have ever met :D
 @gabijaluvs2rite - I love her works and she's another sweet person. :)
 @onedirectionlover88 - if I had not read her story I wouldn't have known her at all.

 @mia_heart - my great friend who introduced me to wattpad. <3

neha<3 ;)


There's no me...without you...

There's no me...without you...

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Sammy Price was cheated on by her ninth boyfriend but in comes her knight in shining armor,her best friend Tristan Grant... who thought that the guy whom she u... read more
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the next-door stupid and insensitive JERK!!!

the next-door stupid and insensitive JERK!!!

4 pages, updated Jun 11, 2012PG-13
throw in a violent girl who can be a sometimes soft at heart and a guy who thinks high of himself,mix their lives up what do you get??? a humor-r... read more
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2 parts / 2 pages, updated May 08, 2012PG
Having three guys try for your attention is just worth everything in life...but what happens when the girl plays with them?? meet christina white who decides to spend her summer at ... read more
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