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Aspiring writer, one day I'll get published but for now it's all free!  

Love to write, love to express myself, slightly bohemian, free-spirited, nature lover, African-American/Navajo and 1/4 Asian.  

When it comes to writing, just do it! Never be afraid to express yourself with words. Writing is an art.

My stories

I love to write about interracial relationships, African-american romances, and most of my characters will always have supporting characters of different races and cultures.

I have a thing for Alpha males. Alpha males are overprotective, intense, demanding, very bossy men who are not afraid to show their feelings for their women. They come in all personalities and different races. Once they fall in love, they love hard, and will stop at nothing to have and keep the woman they love. 

My stories sometimes have threesome relationships, as well as one on one relationships. They also have a reverse harem which is several men admiring one woman, but she only gives her love to one. 

I love to write modern day and paranormal romances.

Business Romance Series in order: 

Loving Mia - the beginning relationship of our favorite threesome Kale, Mia, Aidan 

A World of Their Own- a short story of their family life after the twins 

Kept - Kaitlyn and Taylor are introduced

The Importance of Being Kept - Kaitlyn and Taylor twin sons, Darren and Bryan, Mia, Aidan, and Kale twins Kia and Brandon 

A Heart of Darkness- Brandon and Kaylee's story

SSU Series

Seneca State University 
Seneca State University - The Sequel
Whispering Hearts
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Dakota's Pride

Social data: 2.1K reads. 155 votes. 35 comments.

Description: Dakota finds Hannah on one of his missions and sees the way she fights off her attacker even though there’s no hope of her winning. Still her spirit impresses him and her suffering touches his heart. He takes her under his protection and what star...

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The Zodiacs

The Zodiacs

675 46 7

Kathryn Gilodutii once led a normal human life until she was called from the stars to be the leader of t...

#287 in Romance
A Heart of Darkness

A Heart of Darkness

2.4K 127 42

The sequel to "The Importance of Being Kept" This story portrays Brandon and Kaylee's lives together, al...

His Best Kept Secret

His Best Kept Secret

443K 10K 1.6K

She was his best kept secret, his most treasured possession, an exotic African-American beauty that won...

Loving Mia

Loving Mia

779K 18.2K 2.1K

Mia Shannon struggles to adjust to her life in San Francisco after moving there from the south. It's har...

mybrownskin posted a message to katmadison
I started reading his best kept secret a long time ago but then waited for you to complete it. I started reading it again yesterday then I skipped to the end and saw you made a sequel with my hubby and read it. I keep trying to read hbks but all I think about is that my bae Dakota has his own book lol.
katmadison commented on Loving Mia - Eric

He glanced at Kale and the bloody mess of skin and meat on the floor that was suppose to be Eric. In Kale's savage fury, he'd manage to break both the man's legs and one arm. Eric had stopped wailing...
You are hilarious!
So forgot to put my new twitter account up.  I've had it for a while.  Would love to get to know my readers and fans.  Just let me know who you are and which story you like so I can add you to my "Reader's List." 


New Stories

So happy everyone is enjoying Dakota's Pride, our favorite Native American from His Best Kept Secret. 

A Heart of Darkness is coming along nicely with Brandon and Kaylee from The Importance of Being Kept. 

The Zodiacs is going to be a story I am really going to love writing about because I used to be obsessed with the zodiac signs a long time ago. It's a fun story. 

A Witch's Curse - my Vampire Diaries fanfiction I will be slowly updating, but inspired a lot more since the show is returning. Finally!