Aspiring writer, one day I'll get published but for now it's all free!  

Love to write, love to express myself, slightly bohemian, free-spirited, nature lover, African-American/Navajo and 1/4 Asian.  

When it comes to writing, just do it! Never be afraid to express yourself with words. Writing is an art.

My stories

I love to write about interracial relationships, African-american romances, and most of my characters will always have supporting characters of different races and cultures.

I have a thing for Alpha males. Alpha males are overprotective, intense, demanding, very bossy men who are not afraid to show their feelings for their women. They come in all personalities and different races. Once they fall in love, they love hard, and will stop at nothing to have and keep the woman they love. 

My stories sometimes have threesome relationships, as well as one on one relationships. They also have a reverse harem which is several men admiring one woman, but she only gives her love to one. 

I love to write modern day and paranormal romances.

I've been pretty busy lately. A  lot of people are wondering when I will update my stories so I decided to write a status on my profile. Hope this helps. 

Status of Stories: 

The Importance of Being Kept (formerly known as Loving Kia) - currently updating. 

Whispering Hearts 2 - currently updating. 

Prophecy - in hiatus.

His Best Kept Secret - slowly updating.

This Isn't A Damn Cinderella Story - currently updating.

Number One Crush - plotting and planning the next update. 

Completed Stories:

Loving Mia

A World of Their Own

The One Who Walks With Wolves

Kept - in the process of being revised. 

SSU Series

Seneca State University 
Seneca State University - The Sequel
Whispering Hearts
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The Importance of Being Kept

Social data: 437K reads. 10.9K votes. 1.8K comments.

Description: "The Importance of Being Kept" is the third and last interracial business romance trilogy which consists of our favorite characters from “Loving Mia” and “Kept” combined. Kaitlyn and Taylor's twin sons, Darren and Bryan have grown up to be...

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This Isn't A Damn Cinderella Story

This Isn't A Damn Cinderella Story

60.2K 1.7K 406

He met her one night at a party, the moment he saw her it was instant attraction and lust at first sight...

Whispering Hearts II - The Sequel

Whispering Hearts II - The Sequel

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Brent, Cathy, Chris, Kiara, Lynette, Sierra and all of their friends return for the last installment of...

His Best Kept Secret

His Best Kept Secret

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She was his best kept secret, his most treasured possession, an exotic African-American beauty that won...

The One Who Walks With Wolves - The Sequel

The One Who Walks With Wolves - The Sequel

4.7K 103 29

In the sequel to The One Who Walks With Wolves, Tara is still trying to adapt to her new life as a wolf...

barbie66 posted a message to katmadison
im so glad you are back and you are all well . look forward to your updates. can't wait for more of your fabulous stories. thanks again. Barbie. Xoxo. 
October...man! What is up with October?! This month was a total distraction from my writing. A girl gotta live of course so I'm grateful for the overtime I've been working, but yeah the fun part of my life was put on the shelf for a while. This week everything is back to normal and you will be getting updates starting with the twins and Kia ofcourse and then I take it on from there with the other stories. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I'm not sick, nothing drastic has happened so you don't have to worry. I've just been burnt out and I'm now in recovery mode.  Writing is good therapy.  I need it as much as you do, so prepare for the updates on all the stories.