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Don't you ever say
I just walked away
I won't ever fuck you
I am not a prostitute
I don't go and give out fucks
I'll only do it if you're 1D
Or 5sos because
I am me
And you are history 
-flies in on a flying dildo with bands sitting with me-
Join the dark side.
There is smut there.
And snacks.

I'm Madison
I'm 14, American and probably insane.

{bands; condoms; death; food; weapons; movies; books; fanfics; music}

Back up account: @summerlips


Same Love || a.u

Same Love || a.u

13 parts / 14 pages, updated Aug 04, 2014
What if you fell in love with your brothers girlfriend? Would you just let him keep her or would you go get her? Meet Eliza Tomlinson. Shes the catch of the entire school ... read more
2,286 reads votes 211 comments 49
The Dare {coming soon}

The Dare {coming soon}

2 parts / 2 pages, updated Aug 03, 2014PG-13
In which a girl finds out a dare can change everything.
42 reads votes 6 comments 0
Give Me Love {hiatus}

Give Me Love {hiatus}

9 parts / 8 pages, updated Aug 02, 2014PG-13
"Give me love like him, because lately I've been waking up alone." -Caution-Death. Lots of death. © autumneyes 2014
689 reads votes 129 comments 16
Gone || a.u

Gone || a.u

28 parts / 23 pages, updated Jul 31, 2014PG-13
-Slow Updates due to Co-Writing-Who can she trust? Harry her best friend or Louis her bully? © autumneyes 2014
2,378 reads votes 383 comments 26
I See Stars

I See Stars

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Jul 08, 2014PG
"Can you see the stars from your house?" I looked at the computer screen, watching for his reaction to my silly question. "No." His silence was no more t... read more
112 reads votes 14 comments 1
Sober {hiatus}

Sober {hiatus}

9 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 09, 2014PG-13
When her mom Veronica dies in a car crash Georgia Rose's father Jonny blames her. He's rarely sober anymore and is constantly abusive. But what happens when she meets One Dir... read more
1,821 reads votes 127 comments 37
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What would be funny is if everyone dying is just really messed up ways of suicide..anyway. I freak out whenever this updated and then I always...
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Anytime! I look forward to reading more of this and if you have time, I would love to hear what you think of any of my works, stories or whatever...

This is amazing! Ugh I wish I had your writing talent. ;-; please please please write more