Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping by my profile! I'm Jordan and I would appreciate you calling me that because my username is very embarrassing to me hahaha.

Right, so, I'm a college student. I'm nineteen. I write teen fiction because what's better than a teen writing for teens? I write as I like to read- not too many details, not too little. I write for myself, and I write for you guys too!

Let's see… I've been writing since I was twelve. Back then it was talking cats and dogs though. I started writing real stories after reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (which seems weird, because I write romance…) Horror and mystery are my favorite genres. But I write romance because it's popular and easy hahaha. One day I'll write a great mystery novel though.

I'm "hook"ed on Once Upon A Time and Supernatural. Merlin and Hannibal are also great. My favorite thing is Chipotle. I love any Persona games, any Zelda games, and any Fire Emblem games. Tactical role-playing is apparently my forte. Otherwise I suck at video games. (I suck at Zelda but I pretend I don't.) Umm, Pierce the Veil is the best band. Alesana, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Panic! at the Disco, ADTR, Mayday Parade, and Saosin are runners up. I actually like a lot of music.

My fans are the best things that have ever happened to me. I made a few great friends through this website and everything I've accomplished is thanks to you guys… so yeah. Without you, there is no me. I love you all- even if we haven't talked. You're all important to me.

A warning- I don't proof read so I'm very sorry for my (usually hilarious) typos.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jordanlynde_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Xxskater2girlxX
Tumblr: JordanLynde.Tumblr.com

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An Endless Serenade

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Description: An infamous music school. Cute teachers. A delinquent. And rich bitches. What exactly has Allie Heywood gotten herself into?

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Hi guys!

Just an update-

I AM alive. It's just recently I've been super stressed out and had a mild case of depression and just looking at this website stressed me out even more (not because of you guys! Just because I know people expect updates from me and I just couldn't get my creative juices flowing). But after some events, I'm quite over my depression and thinks are calming down a little bit. I feel awful for just leaving you guys ): But you know how depression is. But going away from that I'M BACK. No, I'm not going to give up on writing An Endless Serenade- I need to revisit it and can't back into the flow. Same with An Everlasting Relationship. I'm never going to give up Holly and Chris! I love them and I know you guys do too. Now, Chemistry with His Majesty and A Case of Robin Hood can not be updated because of secret reasons.... ;) but trust me, they're good. HOWEVER. With all of that, I will start a new book for you guys. It's going to be a load of work, but any updates is better than none, right? I want to write books. I'd like to write books as a living. So hopefully my hardwork will pay off in the end.

So this was just a little update and I really honestly appreciate you guys sticking with me. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be using my social media to keep you guys more udpated so please don't hesitate to follow my twitter (which is probably pg-13 though lol) @jordanlynde_

Also I recently picked up League of Legends and it's gr8 so if anyone wants to play with a crappy player hit me up lol