English is my second language; ✌ I'm bilingual ✌

I try to bring new ideas into my writing. I get annoyed when I keep finding stories with the same basic plot line, so I don't want to add my own to the list.

DNA scanning ... ... ...

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Description: “A timer was ticking away my chances of survival. I never felt so primal — so alive — or lethal. I felt paralysed, waiting for a recognisable emotion. I shuddered and felt sharp shoulder blades shift beneath my skin.” [Werewolf/Short Story] © C...


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An Anti-Cliché

An Anti-Cliché

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All Cora wants is to stop being judged on the spot, but being a leggy blonde only gave her a big stamp w...

Little Red Riding Hood (Tina's Version)

Little Red Riding Hood (Tina's Version)

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You know how wolf pups sometimes look like little (dog) puppies when they're young? Once I was just thin...

ValenDea commented on The Hunt - Chapter Twelve

In a flash, she reached across the table and smacked him across his slacked jaw. We heard the pop from its dislocation. 
YES finally she does something I can approve of (& would probs do myself).
ValenDea commented on The Hunt - Chapter Ten

Even if Jenna had been a bad woman, he had still loved her. Jamison slumped forward and covered his face with his hands. He didn't cry, even if he wanted to. He stayed still, only breathing because h...
"...only breathing because he had to."
      ^ Props for this bit.
ValenDea commented on The Hunt - Chapter Six

He let out a frustrated snarl as the wolf escaped. He paced, wanting to follow, but not letting himself. Today was going to be a failure and a missed opportunity to stop the murders. Whoever died, fr...
*our responsibility, but HER fault.
ValenDea commented on The Hunt - Chapter Six

Before I could really start to panic, Mason saved the day. He bit down on the wolf's muzzle and face. The wolf let go of me by reaction and Mason pushed him away from me.
Ugh I'm so sick of her damsel in distress bullshít. If you don't wanna be mated, woman up and protect yourself!