Heyy :) Yess thats me ^^^^^
      Sexxy Ehh? :)
      Well anyways, let me start out by saying IM STRAIGHT!
      But I do love my gays <3
      Things I love?
      -Xbox, it's my pride and joy :)
      -My ex :(
      -Long Boarding
      -My new IPOD!
      -Your Bed ;)
      Well, my best friend convinced me to make an account... and being the persistant little bitch she is (Dont worry I still love you :) I had to, check her out, she is SourPatchKiddo
      Well I write mostly poetry and some short stories so I might upload those... so wait for them.
      Until the next time we meet!
      Stay Sexy!
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    Turn Around :)
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    4 years ago

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