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Hello. I am insane. How do you do?
I am addicted to Tumblr.
I love writing.
I have atelophobia.
You must love Nico di Angelo.
You must ship Caleo.
You must ship Hazel and Augustus.
You must be a Egyptian magician.
You must be a Ranger.
You must be a people-speaker/animal-speaker/nature-speaker.
You must be a Heron.
You must be a tribute.
You must be a nit.
You must be a human/avian hybrid.
You must love Four.
You must love Augustus.
You must be a unicorn.
You must love Jon Cozart.
You must love IISuperwomanII.
You must love Divergent.
You must be a necromancer.
You must be a bookworm.
You must be an awesome person.
You must understand at least most of the book references I made.
You must read The Fault in Our Stars.
You must read Looking For Alaska.
You must read Paladin by @SallySlater.
You must read It Takes a Lot of Faith by @britneyghostrider.
You must read Jade by @AngeleDiAngelo
You must read Daughters of Hecate by @daughterofhecate313
You must read The Necromanced by @Inkblood
You must read Sapphire and Alys by @Area56
You must read Falling Through Tartarus by @FallingMiri
You must read all of this without zoning out.
You must love Connor Franta.
You must write books.
You must realize how much I love you.
You must know how much God loves you.
You must read my books.
You must follow me.

Lol, jk, not really. XD

My other account is
My best friend's account is




6 parts / 1 page, updated Jul 07, 2014G
If you are a fan of Golden Eye or Necromancers in Phoenix's Flame, PLEASE READ THIS!!! If you're not, go read them. This is basically me filling you in... read more
30 reads votes 0 comments 3
I Spill Tumblr's Secrets

I Spill Tumblr's Secrets

21 parts / 16 pages, updated Jun 26, 2014PG-13
Things I found on Tumblr that I find pure genius. (Will mostly be quotes because doing pictures on here is a pain). NONE OF THESE ARE MINE!!!!!! I just found t... read more
269 reads votes 7 comments 7
Catching Shadows

Catching Shadows

1 page, updated May 06, 2014PG
17 reads votes 1 comments 2
SPOILERS!!!! (Nico di Angelo)

SPOILERS!!!! (Nico di Angelo)

3 parts / 1 page, updated May 06, 2014PG
108 reads votes 2 comments 12
How Does it Feel?

How Does it Feel?

1 page, updated May 05, 2014PG-13
6 reads votes 0 comments 0


1 page, updated Apr 24, 2014PGVideo
[SPOILERS!] Elsa hid in her room after she had accidentally struck her sister, Anna, with her powers. Six-year old Anna was okay, but the trolls who had healed her erased Anna's m... read more
44 reads votes 3 comments 4
Final breath

Final breath

1 page, updated Apr 23, 2014PG
[SPOILERS!!!] A short poem I wrote for Tris and Tobias(Divergent), Katniss and Gale(THG), and Hazel and Augustus(TFIOS). I do not own those characters, Divergent, The Hunger... read more
46 reads votes 2 comments 0
Necromancers in Phoenix's Flame [BEING EDITED]

Necromancers in Phoenix's Flame [BEING EDITED]

29 parts / 16 pages, updated Apr 16, 2014PGCompleted
(Has Golden Eye!!) Rebecca has never been a normal girl. She only ever really had one friend but when she suddenly gets kidnapped she realiz... read more
2,084 reads votes 65 comments 66


1 page, updated Apr 16, 2014PG
16 reads votes 0 comments 0
Would You Love Me?

Would You Love Me?

1 page, updated Apr 10, 2014Completed
5 reads votes 0 comments 0
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The new me, my new life.

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