Well, finally decided to actually write an 'About Me'.

My name is Rachel, I am half-Korean and half-Caucasian. Of course, writing is a huge hobby of
mine. But, it's just a hobby. I update my stories on my own basis.

I love to write stories with new ideas no one has thought about. So, if you're looking for something totally new to read this is the place!

Alright! Besides all that, I am a person who loves to chat. If I'm available you guys should try and talk to me! I love meeting new people :)

If any one wants me to reply or has a question, please message me. I don't reply to comments on my stories (unless I want to raise the number of comments on a story by replying . . .). And sometimes I will reply to comments on the message board-thingy. Only if there's not too many.

On another note, I HATE the new Wattpad profile layout. Like, this is seriously coping Twitter. First it was with changing fans to followers and now the layout. If it wasn't for the people who follow me on here I would seriously leave this site.

-On Hiatus-
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foxy198 posted a message to PupPupPop
Wish there was a seauel to best to prince!! Loved it though i wish jae worked out some relationship between all of them! I mean i loved amadeus though was happy to see him with jae! The sequel should have jae with amadeus in their new chapter of their relationship! I could see them having twins a baby boy and a baby girl!! Man amadeus would get so protective of his little girl!!
You are very pretty! Makes me jealous... Anyways, I just wanted to say that I love "Beast to Prince" and it's just amazing. It should be a movie... Or maybe an anime.. Or a manga... Or a series!!! I love reverse-harems and this just puts you in my favorites!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
KatrinaRichter posted a message to PupPupPop
Also you should make a follow up book describe what happens to the other guys and how takes to change into a normal world special with education and other things thanks again Katy
KatrinaRichter posted a message to PupPupPop
Beast of a prince I love the funny story absolutely could not happen in a billion years  and also the thought of a 15 year old being a pet is a big no no there's a lot of big sizes no no big big no nose thank you for the story it was wonderful I absolutely loved it Katy
Please update 'More than a Pet'! where are you? Are you sick? Did...something happen...to you? Are you okay? Did you forget your password or Name? Are you...gone?