Hey!  I'm Pikuto!  I write fan fiction, and I'm expanding into more original works....  Yeah!  I absolutely do not update regularly....  And my earlier finished works are not the best and I apologize in advance!  Have fun!!!

All artwork used belongs to their respected artists.  I own nothing of any sort.

@secrecies makes my covers, she'll hook you up!

I'm friends with @secrecies , @writerinquestion and @FurretTheSparrowsong in real life. READ THEIR STORIES!!
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I ..............|
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|............O| ever pushed a
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██10% Super Hero
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██████50% Oblivious to Obvious Stuff
███████60% Awesome
████████70% Funny
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PIKUTO IS MAD!!! (A Buch of Rants and Complaints)

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Description: I may not be mad all the time, but I'll post it here when I am. And I'll post other things that just bother me. Inspired by Brat101's rant book.

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