Hi, I'm Emma
I seem to obsess over Achievement Hunter, bands, British idiots, pretty things, my extremely gay ships, and the beautiful creature that is Ryan Ross. I write sometimes and if you like my writing then send in a prompt. If you ever need someone there for you I'm always here to talk <3

I ship Mavin, Phan, Ryden, AH OT6, Danvin, Rayvin and Joncer <3

"Beef! Beef! Fuck! Beef Jerky! Take The Fucking Beef Jerky! Take The Beef Jerky! Not Me ;-;! Take The Beef Jerky!" ~ PewDiePie

"I know the worlds' a broken bone. But melt your headaches, call it home" ~ Northern Downpour

♀+♀= ❤ GENDER
♂+♂= ❤ DOESN'T
♂+♀= ❤ MATTER
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Role Plays (Phan)

Role Plays (Phan)

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Mondays (Ryden)

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This is an amazing RP I'm doing with philhowled on Tumblr so I had to give this amazing person credit fo...

Advantage Rule (Mavin)

Advantage Rule (Mavin)

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Prompt: some Highschool Mavin where Michael just moved to the UK and the only person that will talk to h...

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You: Phil sitting in his History class, being bored as always he rather looked out of the window instead of actually listening to his teacher. Thinking and dreaming seemed a lot more interesting to h...
yes, i remember reading that back when i was still into phan. The rp starter was based on that and in no way is meant to copy her work :)
*Ahem* you know me, I know you and yeah thank you for following me and your background is the bomb. It's actually great and so is your profile pic and your writings and yeah :3