A little blurb about me: 
I'm a short Asian/Caucasian girl who loves to read and write (and eat and sleep, I mean who doesn't?), but because I am Asian, school comes first. I barely have time to write with all my homework and school activities, but I'll try my best to write when I can. A lot of people think I'm this sweet, innocent, and really peppy girl, but really they can't be anymore wrong. My stories are usually VERY dark and depressing and I spend most of my days reading some really... *cough* dirty *cough* story (or watching yaoi).

About my writing, I'm not actually good in English/Literature classes at school (I'm more of a Math and History nerd) mostly because I'm awful at grammar, spelling, and whatnot, but my love for writing came to me a few years ago, when I took this Creative Writing class, and loved it. We were taught to not focus on grammar, spelling, and just to write whatever comes to mind and I absolutely loved it (of course we had to edit it later, but that's besides the point). 

My love for reading came to me around fourth grade when I discovered (as clichéd as it sounds) the Percy Jackson Series. I fell in love and ever since then, I've always had my eyes glued to a book (explains why I have really poor vision). 

My main focus for writing now, is to be more descriptive and focus on my grammar (My writing at first was atrocious; mostly dialogue, no capitalization, no descriptions, etc.). But, I'm working on writing, and I've been trying to dedicate more time to planning and organizing plots and time editing my stories BEFORE uploading it. 

Most of my writing is on Fanfiction under the same username
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Love is Many Things, but Not This (boyxboy)

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Description: Series of one-shots for a story I'm planning to write later on. Won't be in order and it's not edited.

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A Collection of my mostly Angst-y Fanfiction

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