my names Andy and i just resantly discovered this chill site i just had 2 make an account the poems on this thing are way deep I really enjoy a good story about how lyf is wiv humour...

you see im emo and well lyf for me isn't your average one; its full of hate, sadnes, and pure loathsome
I was only four or five when they passed away...I don't see how people can go on everyday without having any thought about the people who've expeirenced trauma or death...

though becouse i've only known them for a while im okay in that sence

I have your average adoptive parents remenicing the days when they didnt hav a burden an then the wrist cuttin began 

I hav 1 older bro God knows where he is....

I used 2 get bullied at skool for being emo they jus coudn't stop staring at the cuts on my arms; in P.E.tht jus made me cut more

lyf is just so fucking hard! dont judge me! if u do then your just dumb as fuck!

If u want to fan then fan im a person who's more open so you'll get to know me better:)(im sweet at heart)
man my lyfs depressing well enough of my lyf problems:P

well i'm into rock: asking alexandria, bvb, three dayz grace r my sole hearted bands

I have a passion for playing the guitar(electric sort of) I've always wanted to be in a band with my mate Elliot he's alright i guess i consider him as my bro:)

I got go the gym because I have no exciting life, my prority in lyf is to get laid well maybe thats elliot, i really want 2 become a proffecional wrestler (invideo games:P) yh im a sucker for those stuff

I have a craving for chocolate ice cream an cookies!!!:P(yh my weakness)

1 thing i hate about lyf is the loss and bullys, though you just have to deal with it yh thats why i really want 2 get fit and look down on the asstards if they do push me or any1 around(really I just dont want to back down in a fight)

and yes love also sucks...

well hav a merry fuckin day while i jus go back to my prison chambers (bed; though its quite comfy:P

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Description: life is all a test, hard, annoying and well a frigging waste. I can't help but feel sorry for those who are like I or dealing with something along the lines. These poems are about sadness, want, comfort all based on lives of emos and gothic beings:)...