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Name Ashley+Roc
Location not specified
Member Since Mar 12, 2012
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Favorite Color: purple
Favorite City: ATL
Favorite Food: tacos
Favorite Singers: Mindless Behavior
Favorite Character: Hello Kitty
Hobbies: writing music, dancing, singing, acting
Relationship: IDK
Pet Peve: smacking, sqeaking
Celebrity Crush: Roc Royal
First Impression: Funny, Outgoing, Sweet
Favorite Song:

I don't change for anyone. Love me for who I am or I don't need you in my life.

Music is my everything.

 B sure 2 fan @MaliciousSilence she be amazing.100%: ✔Real ✔Cray AF ✔SWAGGED OUTTIE  ✔Sarcastic ✔Mindless♥

█10% an evil robot
██20%Insecure and idiotic
███30% SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot!!♥
█████50% Musical
██████60% In love with Prodijayy, Princeton, and Ray Ray♥
███████70% Officially Miss Guided
████████80% Smartass
█████████90% In love with Roc Royal
██████████100% Dedicated2MindlessBehavior♥

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