Okay, so you happened to land yourself on my page... You have come to an awesome page because I am amazing and you will soon learn this.

Random facts about me (you probably could careless, but I will start):

I am a Christian

I will not judge you, no matter what color you skin is or what gender you prefer.

You fan me, I will fan back :)

Relationship status- Hopeless Romantic

Fave color- purple
Second fave color- green

Fave Animal- Pig 
Second fave animal- Wolf

umm talking...

Fave Artists/Bands-
Colton Dixon
Mayday Parade
Ron Pope

Fave Songs- 
Terrible Things
Miserable At Best
Little Things

Fave books/ series-
The Fault In Our Stars
All the others are irrelevant 

Fave Movie-
A Walk to Remember
Finding Nemo
To Save A Life

People you should check out:

I am totally odd, crazy, if you know me for awhile then I get very talkative.... and very creative
I guess after reading this you have probably found some things in common and you know think I am awesome, then you should read my work. If you dont think I am awesome and you didnt find anything in common then you should still check out my work :P
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Description: These are some of my poems that I have written here and there. I decided to share it with everyone who wants to read them. Enjoy. My poetry ranges from animals to love.

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