Okay, so you happened to land yourself on my page... You have come to an awesome page because I am amazing and you will soon learn this.
      Random facts about me (you probably could careless, but I will start):
      I am a Christian
      I will not judge you, no matter what color you skin is or what gender you prefer.
      You fan me, I will fan back :)
      Relationship status- Taken by the best 
      Fave color- purple
      Second fave color- green
      Fave Animal- Pig 
      Second fave animal- Wolf
      umm talking...
      Fave Artists/Bands-
      Colton Dixon
      Mayday Parade
      Ron Pope
      Fave Songs- 
      Terrible Things
      Miserable At Best
      Little Things
      Fave books/ series-
      The Fault In Our Stars
      All the others are irrelevant 
      Fave Movie-
      A Walk to Remember
      Finding Nemo
      To Save A Life
      People you should check out:
      I am totally odd, crazy, if you know me for awhile then I get very talkative.... and very creative
      I guess after reading this you have probably found some things in common and you know think I am awesome, then you should read my work. If you dont think I am awesome and you didnt find anything in common then you should still check out my work :P
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Drama, Secrets, and Sisters?

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Description: Meet two girls, from two different worlds; Heather Brooks is in a world she never wants to leave while Lea Brooks would give anything to leave the world she lives in. Both these girls share one thing, something's missing, but is that all they share...

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