The name is Roman Monroe.

I came into writing on a whim due to a broken heart. After having a dream 'Blood MooN: Alpha's Witch' was the start of something that a lot of readers enjoyed. From there, I've been writing down my dreams in my 'Story Bible' hopefully one day turn it in to a story.  

I'm just an amateur writer, sharing my dreams in a story.  Still have a lot to learn in the world of story telling/writing. To tell the truth, I NEVER thought I be doing anything like this in my entire life. Creating stories and love doing it.

Some fact's about me:

*Favorite Color is Black.
*Favorite Food is Grapes, can eat them for days.
*A lover of fashion.......and also writing.
*Supporter for Gay Rights and as well as Women Rights
*A lover of all types of music. Songs that I HAVE to listen to daily are:
   Beyonce - XO
   Britt  Nicole - The Sun Is Rising
   Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven
   Dawn Richard, mainly anything from her
   Nikki Flores - Midnight Music
   Nikki Fores - Rebel  
   Sleeping with Sirens - Low
*I have a huge thing for werewolves, which I still can't explain.
*A gamer at times; Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts, Need for Speed, and Final Fantasy games are at the top of my list.

If you want to know the latest news and updates on my stories and projects;
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Let me know if you want me to read one of your stories

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First Part of "Ninetails Preview"
   "You. We shouldn't be in this part of the forest," Nikita whispered to her brother, Remy. He seem not to care about her warning  nor her anything she had to say at the moment "do you hear me, Remey?"
   "I think a Kitsune was here," he said sounding not to sure of himself but knew in his gut that it was more than just a feeling.  The kitsune that was here hid it's identity, not leaving a trace of what type of kitsune it was "are you sure there wasn't any other kitsunes in the area beside aunt Lucy and her family." he asked glancing over to his sister.
    Nikita nodded without any hesitation.  He should of known he didn't have to ask her such a question.  Already having three tails she surpass most kitsune her age in the House of Moon and Shadows. A sure sign that she is the offspring of their mother, the leader of that household.
    Remy was about to ask her a question when he felt several animalistic presence coming their way. He narrow his golden brown eyes. His sister move in front of him when she felt their presence.
    "Stay behind me," she ordered him continuing to look forward. Her body slightly tense up "their here."
   "I'm impress that you were able to know we were coming," said a deep masculine voice as the body of the voice came into view. A bare footed guy only wearing dark denim jeans cuts into shorts. His tone body shine with sweat, making his body more defined. The dark hair and eye guy smile at them "tell me why two kitsunes  doing in our territory?"
   "We were just leaving," Nikita said  quickly. Grabbing a hold of her brother's wrist. "we are not trying to start any trouble, Razso!"
   "Then you shouldn't have came to this part of the forest, Nikita," Razso explained with a smirk on his face. He stop on Remy who didn't show any sign of  emotion like his sister who fear for her brother safety "little one. You not scared of what we are going to do to you," he asked, hoping to put fear in Remy.
Second Part

    "No, why should I be scared of some immature dogs," Remy replied bluntly. Still not showing any signs of emotions as the rest of Razso's gang came out from hiding "like my sister said we are not trying to start trouble."
  "Dogs huh?" Razso's eye now had a dark red tint to them. Remy knew it was a sign that he was alpha, hearing stories of them when he was younger. "let us show you what some dogs like us can do to two foxes."
   "Nikita, don't summon them. Definitey in the conduction you're in,"  Remy said when felt his sister building energy. "you won't be able to control them for long," he said in Japanese so the wolves wouldn't know her disadvantage.
    "Let me," he whisper in his sister's ear. She had a look of confusion written on her face. "Hope this is more than enough for you," he said to Razso.
   In seconds clouds of black and white fog form into nine identical fox masked sword wielding females.Their long white hair fall pass their lower back, tied by a white band near the end. Silver and black breast plate armor covered their midsection, while black and white fabric cover their lower front and back areas showing of their tone legs. Wearing black with white and silver edge heel boot passing their knees, decorated with plates of armor.
  "Your....your...Yokai are female?" said the disbelieving  NItika as she look at her brother's Yokai. "how are you able to summon nine of them so young?" she as in Japanese, doing her best to hide her stunness.
 "Later," repiled Remy taking his attention to Razso "I think we are even now. Do you still want to show me what a couple of dogs can do to two foxes?"

Well that is the end of  what is to come in Ninetails. I do hope you enjoyed it. 

Much LuV, Roman Monroe
Hey Just posted the Preview to "Ninetails" on my Libra4Life2012 Facebook page. Try to post it on here but it didn't work, will try again later today.
Hey Librains,

Will be posting the preview to "Ninetails" this week.  Reminder all my other stories are on hold for the moment.