Well, I just don't know, you guys.

I'm just a twenty one year old guy from Douglas. I'm a typical grease monkey who makes bottles and changes diapers, and I still drink Coke like it's Holy Water.
  And it's official: You're not supposed to drink holy water.
  But still keep those intestines cleansed by the Christ.

I'm not as boring I seem, though.
  In fact, you might not be able to guess this, but..
  1) I'm still a total nerd, but lately I've been wearing ties and Polos...only 'cause I have to. 
  2) I wear women's deodorant.
  And 3)... 

AND I'M MARRIED WITH A CHILD!!! *okay that's just weird*

 I genuinely think I'm first of that kind, though.
  I'm sorry for such a hiatus...but I'm really trying to write more (:
  Honestly I don't really have time to read your stories...
  Ain't nobody got time fo you to ask me to do it. (Is that lame?)
  ^ Whatever. Lame daddy since '13.

The Wondrous Wattpadian Women: 

~ @xShe3Believes5x -Carrissacake the Uranian Orange (: My Wattpad wife and my reason for coming back to the site (:
~ @DyingToShoutOut -Let's just say...there's more to her than she makes it seem like (: 
~ @afterthoughts -Little sister in spirit, one of the loveliest girls I know (:

*Using my adult superiority here* Go follow them. Now. 

  Angie Luce is my princess and Beth is my queen (:
  Everything I do is out love for them.

Things might've changed, but I'm still...
(JK, read my username again)

  I have no social media...again ain't nobody got time fo dat.

"Fathers, be good to your daughters;
daughters will love like you do.
Girls become lovers,
who turn into mothers,
so mothers be good to your daughters too." -John Mayer, 'Daughters'
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    The REAL World. Scarier than you think, bro.
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37 [A Harry Styles Love Story]

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Description: 37 days, 37 songs, and 37 chances for Harry to seal his fate and make 80's music loving, astronomy-infatuated, and overall, out-of-the-ordinary Kate to fall in love with him under the roof of her Las Vegas studio apartment.

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The Cover Girl [Harry Styles Love Story]

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