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I'm Ilovesweets/R.M Stones.

Decided to keep this as nice and simple as I possibly can:

- I'm seventeen.
- I'm from North East England.
- I like to sing/ play piano/ write.
- My astrological sign is Cancer.
- I love romance, specifically dark or forbidden.
- I LOVE to game! ZombiU and Assassin's Creed 4 are my recently most played.
- Horror films actually freak me out - I try to avoid watching them.
- I really want to visit Japan and America one day.
- I am quite childish, but I'm mature when I need to be.
- One day I hope to have my books published. 
- I'm quite addicted to Animal Crossing New Leaf at the moment. If you have the game, here's my dream code: 6300-2252-7782

Please have a read of my books, Work For Me, Wait For Me and Control!

Big shout out to MargeretFlorerence and BmaieF!  

If you have any questions for me, feel free to leave it on my message board or PM me! I will try my best to get back to you! Also, please refrain from advertising your book on my profile, it will be deleted as there are Wattpad forums where you can do so freely.


- R x


Wait For Me

Wait For Me

5 parts / 16 pages, updated Apr 14, 2014PG-13
After promising not give up on one another, Lou has never stopped waiting for her older lover Zach, who is trapped by his mother's web of threats to Lou. Her life has changed... read more
231,887 reads votes 14,033 comments 4,539


8 parts / 15 pages, updated Apr 07, 2014PG-13
"Tóso ómorfi." someone growled behind me. My heart jolted with shock in my chest as I shrieked and whirled around. An imposing man stood behind me, his black eyes full... read more
205,646 reads votes 6,912 comments 903
Work For Me

Work For Me

Humor #122 / Romance #146
48 parts / 108 pages, updated Feb 27, 2014PG-13Completed
"Fuck you!" I hissed as he held me back from punching him. For a split second his grip loosened, giving me the opportunity to slap him again - yet as soon as I tri... read more
13,983,651 reads votes 201,705 comments 24,250
The Lottery Winner

The Lottery Winner

1 page, updated Oct 08, 2013PG-13
What would you do if you won the lottery? It's a situation many of us have dreamed and talked about, and the possibilities seem endless. Rose Bainsborough is a twent... read more
2,028 reads votes 19 comments 2
Cancer: The Zodiac Series [COMING SOON]

Cancer: The Zodiac Series [COMING SOON]

2 pages, updated Sep 04, 2013PG-13
Kate Pemberton is a just-turned 30 year old hermit. Always closed off from the world in her chaotic flat with her faithful pyjamas and a dressing gown... read more
3,971 reads votes 74 comments 19
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