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Important things to know:

I'm a Wattpad Ambassador :)

I write mostly LGBT themed books.  

I love Mexican and Italian food. I play drums, guitar, keyboard and sing. I love writing, I pretty much breathe, eat and sleep it.

Favorite shows are Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Suits, Scandal, Pretty Little Liars,  Black Sails, The Originals, Modern Family, Law and Order SVU, Orphan Black, The Fosters, How to Get Away With Murder, Lost Girl, Rookie Blue. 

Shows I wish would come back: South of Nowhere, Terra Nova, White Collar, Revolution, True Blood, and Psych.

Favorite Movies include The Twilight Saga, The Goonies and The Day After Tomorrow.

Favorite books: Their Eyes were Watching God, The Great Gatsby, The Twilight Saga, The Hunger games series.

Show your support by dropping a comment on my message board every now and again. I love to read them. Be sure that if you're reading my books guys and gals that you're commenting and voting if you like them. :)

All my books are copywritten so please don't steal them.

All of my books are complete except:

The Apocalypse: Life After Death (Updated on 2/18/15)
Living In My Best Friends Shadow  (On Hold indefinitely)
This Isn't Me (Updated 2/8/15)
Beyond the Lights (Update 2/9/15)

New works in progress:

A Beating Heart (Spring 2015)
Forbidden Hearts (Early Spring 2015)
M.I.S.F.I.T.S (Summer of 2015)
Teenage Dream (Summer of 2015)

Updated 2/18/15
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The Apocalypse: Race For The Cure

Social data: 74.4K reads. 2.5K votes. 212 comments.

Description: Book two in The Apocalypse series. The gang heads back to Las Vegas to try to mass produce a cure to save the human population...well what's left of it.


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The Apocalypse: Life After Death

The Apocalypse: Life After Death

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Beyond The Lights

Beyond The Lights

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This Isn't Me

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