i love harry styles
he is cute
i like the color red
in love with zebera and leopard print
imma directioner
weird in good ways
love ice cream
enjoy rollercosters
have a puppy
im demented O.o in a good way(or not)
oh, yes. i talk to myself ALOT!!!
when i grow up i wanna be a FBI Agent 
i have two younger sisters 
one younger brother
im the oldest
i dont always get wht i want unless i cry and begg ALOT
like black eyed peas and love their songs
hate vegetables 
picky eater
favorite school subject lunch
good at math but not perfect
like to sing
hate to dance in front of people thats one of my fears
i think my house is haunted cause ive seen more than 17 creepy stuff in my home and heard voices calling me
hate bugs
not that of a girly girl i play many boy games since i got many guy cousins
im indinial sometimes
i like to play truth or dare ;)
hate guetto people
sometimes very lonely so i need to talk to people

Harry styles loves me.  End of story. xD

these are the ppl i love and wanna give a shout out to lol
~ @frognapped: you are awsome  and  random and ur just everything a friend cold ask for. Love ya ;)
~ @1D_lover_Storm: we are becoming good friends and i cant believe we got lots in common
~ @spenson: ur a good person to talk to lol and ur funny love u like a best friend :)
~ @spoonsex: lol still think ur username is kinda weird but ur a funny guy :)
~ @BroBrahBroski: ur a cool person and really hope we become real good friends:)
~ @percyjackson2017: ur really funny and a really cool guy to talk to :) OH almost forgot ur AWESOME!!!!
~ @Richerrd: haha ur a cool guy and ur the best :)
~ @Shichi16Adorona: ur so funny we got many things in common :)
   ~ harry styles
   ~ liam payne
   ~ louis tomlinson
   ~ niall horan
   ~ zayn malik
  LWWY!!!! Live While Were Young <3<3
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    somewhere in this world where u wont find me(my room)lls
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