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Description: The Heartbreak Chronicles is a series. This "book" contains two stories: [BOOK 1: THE HEARTBREAKERS] [Complete] "When I met Oliver Perry, I had no clue he was the lead singer for The Heartbreakers. Little did he know, I was the only girl in the w...

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Hi, I really enjoy reading your works but I just want to ask why I can't found one of your work 'A Beautiful Nightmare'? When I clicked it, it said story is not found, I just want to ask what happened. I hope you can answer my question because I'm dying to know what happened!

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also p.s. u lookin fine as hell in that prof. pic girrl slaayy

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Dying to hear more about Stella and Oliver?

Check out the sneak peak of the next chapter of "The Queen of Hearts" on my Instagram to hear a bit about them: http://instagram.com/alinovak


I love how mysterious this opening prologue is. I have no clue who these four men are or what exactly they're doing, but I instantly want to know more. In typical Wattpad comment fashion, UPDATE! I also like how you started out by introducing us to the scene with darkness, and ending the scene with the men disappearing back into the darkness. You asked for an honest comment/review, so here are two little edits. Hopefully this is what you are looking for: 1. Brunette is typically used to describe a female, so until you said, "...the brunette as HE slipped around..." I thought you were describing a girl character. 2. A few of your sentences start with/use the same words/phrases. For example: "...keeping an EYE on the on the brunette in front of them." "Each pair of EYES raked over..." "EACH pair of eyes raked over..." "EACH man shared a look..." "...disappearing into the shadows of the ALLEY." "...stoping just in front of the ALLEYWAY." "...before peering back into the ALLEYWAY." "The four men looked back into the ALLEY..." There is nothing wrong with using the same words/phrases in consecutive sentences. Sometimes it can't be avoided, and sometimes it's done on purpose. Just wanted to point it out, because sometimes if we're not careful, our writing/descriptions tend to feel a bit repetitive to readers. Hope that helps, and can't wait for more. xoxo, Ali

Parental_Advisory22 posted a message

is my life withe the Walter boys in Portuguese


You are very correct about indents in real books, but just in case you were curious as to why so many people on Wattpad don't indent, it's because you're not supposed to (specifically on this site). Wattpad was designed for mobile reading, and it's easier to read on a small screen without the indents. That's why it's such a pain in the A$$ to try and indent when you post a story here. They make it difficult on purpose so you don't do it :)