The name's Junior. Einstein Junior.
      Okey, dokey, so:
      -Call me Phobia. Or EJ, short for EinsteinJunior  ^-^ 
      -First book I ever read on Wattpad: 'He Was Cool' by Ari3ll3
      -I'm Aussie. 
      -I'm a lefty :D
      -I'm Pakistani by background
      -I'm 18!
      -I finally have my driver's license! But haven't driven yet... O.o
      -I get crazy when I'm sleepy, so beware...
      -I like to make friends with awesome people :P
      -Don't tell anyone, but I beatbox when no one is listening...Well, now a lot of friends have heard me. 
      -I have a brother and two sisters. Or should i call them pets...? Joking! Love them all XD
      -J'adore la coleur violet!
      People you will NOT harm, ever:
      - @bex_the_box Always being the idiot she is. Check out her awesome stories! You won't be disappointed :)
      - @a_kid_from_lalaland Who's hardly ever online but I bet I can guess what she's thinking right now 0.O 
      ...And EJ is out. 
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    Australia, NSW :D
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    3 years ago

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My Fake Identity

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Description: Letting my name out to people I don't trust isn't something I do. That's just me: I like making up fake names. But believe me when I tell you that I actually made a fake account on Facebook. And it's not only a fake account, it's a fake GUY acco...

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