Hmmm... I'd say I love reading books a LOT and I've recently given writing a stab in the dark too :P 'More Than A Meet and Greet' was an idea that had been playing on my mind for a while and is now up on Wattpad to read... or not read! 

The amount of time I spend reading is mental, it's my escape from this crazy world and when I finish a great book I feel as though I've been shot... I have deep connections with the characters I love okay?!

There are some really great authors around Wattpad city and a few of the ones I love are below. I urge you to check them out if you haven't already ;D
- Phoebegardens
- Rivster
- Makeandoffer
- Natashapreston
- Wildgreenskittle
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More Than A Meet & Greet

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Description: On opposite ends of an East Coast train, two people sit comfortably awaiting their journey in peace. It’s quiet and calm. Ezra has his headphones vibrating with every note, while Reeve rests; her eyes closed and jumper wrapped round tight. Let...

That was a crazy whirlwind of a chapter and so worth the wait. Such crazy revelations were exposed in that chapter alone?! I can't believe Livie is Travis' grandmother and Tristan's great grandmother... It's sweet that they've had each other all this time! It's also amazing how Josie is his perfect support system and that she brings him back to earth whenever he feels like he's losing his grip. Thank you for the update and I hope you can continue soon 

Yes Griffin, you use that logic! However, he would have been even smarter for planting one on Laina  I'm glad to hear he didn't have too much to do with Corrine, he was obviously caught up with his GG. So it seems that alcohol is Laina's very own truth serum then. We were so close to hearing just a sliver of her past but at least we got a clue - boyfriend gone wrong in third year of uni but the question is how wrong was he exactly..? I guess we won't be finding out soon thanks to Mario and Luigi  I loved that little gamer analogy btw! It's been nice to read about these guys outside their work environment and exploring their relationships further. The humour included is classic too, I just love your style River  Thanks for the lovely update as usual and p.s - I love the profile picture ;) x