Hmmm... I'd say I love reading books a LOT and I've recently given writing a stab in the dark too :P 'More Than A Meet and Greet' was an idea that had been playing on my mind for a while and is now up on Wattpad to read... or not read! 

The amount of time I spend reading is mental, it's my escape from this crazy world and when I finish a great book I feel as though I've been shot... I have deep connections with the characters I love okay?!

There are some really great authors around Wattpad city and a few of the ones I love are below. I urge you to check them out if you haven't already ;D
- Phoebegardens
- Rivster
- Makeandoffer
- Natashapreston
- Wildgreenskittle
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More Than A Meet & Greet

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Description: On opposite ends of an East Coast train, two people sit comfortably awaiting their journey in peace. It’s quiet and calm. Ezra has his headphones vibrating with every note, while Reeve rests; her eyes closed and jumper wrapped round tight. Let...

Just saw a PG Tips advert and thought of our conversation... looks like I'm never going to make a cuppa without a straight face again! :P And you definitely didn't need to worry about the chapter or the level of drama included but I guess as a writer, a little stress and nervousness is expected when you're sharing with others. Roll on the dramatic elements (and all the rest) is all I can say! Take care you lovely one x

Talk about DRAMA... But that's when some of the best things happen - take that kiss for instance! PP & GG (I feel like their relationship should be sponsored by PG Tips tea bags now) finally gave into their deep, intense desires but I think Laina's little fall threw her off guard for a minute. Griffin deserves a pat on the back for going for it in the moment though because I doubt there would have been an easier opportunity to get to her. I can't imagine what he's thinking, first a slap to the cheek and now a full blown kiss to the lips - he's experiencing it all! Although it would have been funny to hear Laina admit to her gay delusion, she's too far gone and it seems the games have just begun. This chapter was brill River, from Felicity's little antics to the new development between Griffin and Laina - I just loved it. I think Mo the cab driver and Jason from IT deserve a shout out too :) Again, thank you so much for the dedication, means a lot and I look forward to the kiss aftermath in the next chapter!! :D x

Dedicated to lovely Crazyworthit for coming up with Griffin's new nickname and being a general babe every day of her life :P
Aaw, thank you River :D I'm honoured to have the chapter dedication and the pleasure is all mine with the name 'PP'. It's only right Laina has a go-to pet name for Griffin