Olan L. Smith was born in Huntsville, Missouri in 1953. He graduated for Westran High School in 1971 and went on to receive two degrees in higher education.  He graduated in 1978 from Northwest Christian College in Eugene Oregon with a B.S. degree and a Masters degree from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri.  Olan first published poetry in 1985 in two literary publications;  "Earthwise," University of Miami, Florida, and "Alura Poetry," Vol. X, No 2 Fall, 1985; Minnesota.  Other published poems from Olan L. Smith (Cotton Jones) can be found in "Poetry Train America," by John E. Wordslinger (edited by Charles H. Gragg), 2013; "The Universe Inside," edited by Eva Xanithopoulos, 2012.

Olan has one featured Wattpad eBook, "Journey Home" that he refers to as the little engine that could, because it keeps chugging along and gathering steam as it travels the merry passages of the literary world.

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My Heart does Ache: Two Cousins

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Description: This is a pensive, reflective rondeau style poem consisting of 15 lines consisting of three stanzas; 5, 4, and 6 lines per stanza. The poem is straight forward and deals with my emotions, as two of my close male cousins ashes are to be returned to...

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Journey Home

Journey Home

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Journey Home c.2013, Olan L. Smith Journey Home is a collection of poems that is a personal search for...

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Shiny Penny

Shiny Penny

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A story of a memory about once long ago.

The Day the Angels Wept; Sept. 1, 2001

The Day the Angels Wept; Sept. 1, 2001

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I wrote this monostich poem the day after 9-11, and felt it expressed everything I felt at the moment, a...

Older Poems from the Pen of Olan L. Smith

Older Poems from the Pen of Olan L. Smith

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This is a variety of my earlier poems.

CottonJones commented on Consciousness vs. Sub-consciousness

Thank you, I supplied media to explain the technical parts, in technical language to the right of the poem, :D.  Yes, it is a serious subject about reality of consciousness, our conscious awareness is proven to be delayed, so delayed that science can know what you are going to say before you say it, which moves into the realm of how much free will we really have, and who is the real captain of this ship called self awareness.  LPF, Olan.
CottonJones commented on My Heart does Ache: Two Cousins

The rondeau is a challenging yet fun constraint poem to try.  I did one last year after the death of a childhood friend title So Long My Friend http://www.wattpad.com/37258875-so-long-my-friend.  The constraint is strict with some room to wiggle, and this French form has been around for sometime.  In this case the iambic pentameter forces the poet to sound poetic by twisting the words from prose to poetry.  The rhyme scheme vary but her I use aabba; aab, refrain; and aabba refrain. Like any constraint the poem the rondeau can be played with to affect the outcome.